U.S., Cuba discuss human trafficking

Representatives of the U.S. government and Cuba met this week in Miami to exchange information on how to combat people trafficking and prevent fraud, U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby announced Friday.

Lessons for Syria from Colombia

More than 60 nations gathered in London and pledged $10 billion in aid for those displaced by the war in Syria. Syria woulld do well to follor Colombia's footstep for peace and get rewarded for it by the International Community

US role in ending a Central American war

The reach of El Salvador’s gangs into the US was also brought home on Jan. 29 with federal indictments of 56 gang members in Boston. This has the US has lately felt some urgency to end gang-related violence in Central America.

Carnival time in Latin America

Six samba schools paraded on February 7th during the first night of Grupo Especial Carnival competition in Rio de Janeiro`s Sambódromo and Barranquilla’s carnival, in Colombia, kicked off Saturday with its epic Battle of Flowers parade.

Social Media: Destroyer or Creator?

Wael Ghonim, the Egyptian Google employee whose anonymous Facebook page helped to launch the Tahrir Square revolution, had this to say about social media:  “The same tool that united us to topple dictators eventually tore us apart.”