These are the 3 most addictive and dangerous drugs

In LatinAmerican Post we will talk about the 3 most addictive, dangerous and easy to get substances

Do you like tea? After reading this you will want to drink it all the time

Tea infusions are very healthy and delicious. Here we will tell you about the benefits of green tea, black and red tea for your health

What do I do if my baby is constipated?

There are some basic changes you can do to relieve the symptoms of constipation in your baby

How do I know if my baby is ready to eat solids?

Starting to give solid foods to a baby is a big step in parenting. Here we will explain which are signs that will let you know if your child is ready to start eating mashed foods

5 apps to take care of your health this 2019

We present you some of the best apps to take care of your health this 2019

How to deal with post-holiday syndrome?

The end of the holidays is, for many, the beginning of a nightmare. That's why here we tell you what to do and how to adapt again to the work routine

Follow these 5 steps and your baby will leave the feeding bottle at night

For some children, it is very difficult to leave the feeding bottle, especially at night. We show you some simple tips that you can use!

Games to stimulate your baby's senses

With these games you will not only enjoy your baby, but you will also be helping him to stimulate his senses

5 basic cares you should have with your newborn

If your newborn baby is about to arrive home, these tips are perfect to be prepared

Do you want to be healthier? Follow these 5 tips

Adopting new and small habits this year will help you to reach your goal, reduce stress and feel better in all aspects of your life

This is what you should know about mixed breastfeeding

Mixed breastfeeding may be the option to feed your baby in a nutritious and functional way 

This is what you must do to age well

Adopting favorable habits for the body since young can help you to have a much healthier aging

4 ways to play with your newborn

That's right! It is possible to play with your newborn, here we give you some ideas to enjoy with your baby

Is multitasking good or bad?

Although a multistask person is extremely beneficial in the workplace, performing several tasks at the time can be harmful to health

5 reasons to do Pilates during pregnancy

Several experts recommend practicing, in a careful and controlled manner, the Pilates method during pregnancy, as it has benefits for the mother's body

How to overcome the fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking is a social phobia that harms a person's ability to act in front of others. Here we tell you how to overcome it!

Best gifts for a mom-to-be

Show your love to the future mother with these gifts

Guide to get the best toys for your baby

Do you want to buy a toy for your baby but you don't know which one is the most appropriate? We give you some recommendations to buy the best


My son has tantrums, what should I do?

Temper tantrums are more common than you think and your young child is not exempt from suffering them. Here we show you how to act before one of these tremendous fits of bad humor

Can my baby drink water before he is six months old?

Find out what the WHO has said about the subject and its reasons

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