Focus: a valuable ability in this age of distractions

In work as in your personal duties, focus can help you improve your quality of life and getting your projects done

Quiz: How much do you know about veganism?

The vegan diet, with the spirit of taking care of the environment and watching over the animals, is booming. But how much do you know about it?

Breastfeeding: the main recommendation for having healthy babies

Although the WHO and UNICEF recommend breastfeeding, in some countries, it is not customary to follow this, especially in the richest ones

3 documentaries about motherhood you should watch

These documentaries show how is the relationship between the mother and her children, among others. Find out which films we are talking about

Did you lose your sexual desire? We tell you how to recover it

Some advice and natural remedies that will help you recover the spicy

Night work: these are the consequences on health

Even though working at night is inevitable in some cases, most people can't adapt to this, which brings health problems

3 TED talks to learn about depression

Depression is one of the mental illnesses that most affects the world population. Learn more about it with these TED talks

This is the technique that the Japanese use to attract good energies

Originally from Japan, Osaji is the new trend recommended by the Gurus of the organization to help you purify the soul using total cleaning of the home

How does the new nasal antidepressant work?

A new antidepressant was launched in the United States with the promise of helping people who are not served by conventional

Myth or reality: the Mozart Effect

If you have thought about putting music to your baby during pregnancy, you need to know what science says about it

Is your baby allergic to cow's milk?

The allergy to cow's milk can affect a large percentage of the child population. Here we tell you a little more about it

Baby diarrhea: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Diarrhea can become a problem if you don't follow the necessary treatment. Here we tell you what the symptoms are and how it is cured

Asperger syndrome: everything you need to know

Have you heard about Asperger syndrome? We tell you what it is, what are the symptoms and we will answer some of the most common doubts

Art and violence: interview with Andrea Catalina Suárez

Andrea Catalina Suárez is a political scientist and lyric singer, and she has devoted a large part of her life working with women and young victims of violence through art

Eco parenting, a natural lifestyle

A new type of parenting called Eco parenting is being increasingly chosen by parents who care about the environment

7 myths about fitness that you should leave behind

There are many myths around the fitness world, that are necessary to discard before starting to exercise

Dehydration in your baby: do you know how to detect it or treat it?

Dehydration in your baby can be from mild to life-threatening, so we present you some warning signs that you should keep in mind

This is all you need to know about attachment parenting

Attachment parenting is a new way of caring for children and babies. These are the basic principles of this philosophy

Destructive criticism in social networks: the dark side of web 2.0

Experts debate the phenomenon of excessive criticism on the Internet and its consequences in real scenarios when it transforms into violence

Your children may be in danger: do you know what Grooming is?

Find out how to prevent this trend that endangers children and adolescents

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