A group of elderly people at a lunch gathering organised by a charity in Singapore

Grey fingers: Ageing Singapore uses gardening to fight loneliness

It has hit on the idea of getting more elderly people out of the house and into gardens to reduce time spent alone

A nurse vaccinates a child against Ebola in Beni, Congo DRC.

Ebola outbreak in Congo declared a global health emergency

A declaration of a global health emergency often brings greater international attention and aid, along with concerns that nervous governments might overreact with border closures

Supermarket shelves with sugary drinks

Study finds possible link between sugary drinks and cancer

The results showed that a 100 millilitre (ml) a day increase in consumption of sugary drinks was linked to an 18% increased risk of overall cancer

Girl sitting in front of a lake

Meditation in children, a combination that can work

Although it does not seem like a very effective tool to deal with children and teenagers, meditation is helping to overcome behavioral problems

Gafas en examen visual

Researchers created new glasses to cure myopia in children

Research scientists in Hong Kong claim they've created new lenses that can certainly stop the development of nearsightedness in children

Mujer removiendo su labial con una toalla húmeda y empaque de distintos tipos de maquillaje

Homemade makeup remover: a natural way to remove make-up

Here are some recipes to prepare your makeup remover at home

Mano sosteniendo un chupón de bebé

5 tips for helping your baby to stop using a pacifier

The pacifier is one of the most precious objects for a baby and leaving it can become a very complicated process. Here we give you some tips to help you achieve it

Silueta de la cabeza de una persona vista lateral y cerebro con signo de admiración

Learn how to prevent a brain bleeding

A study from the University of Helsinki reveals that subarachnoid hemorrhage can be prevented with this simple activity

Mujer practicando gimnasia abodminal hipopresiva sobre colchoneta y usando ropa deportiva

Do you know what postpartum hypopressive gymnastics is?

We tell you about this incredible method to get fit after childbirth

Tom Peters caracterizado como un perro dálmata

Trans-species: what it is and what would happen if you are recognized as one

The case of a British man who claims to be a Dalmatian and asks to be recognized as trans-species has caused a media scandal

Celular que muestra un niño interactuando con un dispositivo móvil y signos de admiración

Do the new technologies affect your children?

Babies and children are currently exposed to technology in a larger percentage, but is this healthy for them? Here we tell you

Abdomen mostrando la ubicación de los músculos cuando se tiene la diástasis abdominal

Do you know what diastasis recti is?

Here we tell you about this disease that can affect women who have just given birth and we give you some tips so you can recover from it

Manos sosteniendo un libro, una pesa de gimnasio, una hoja y un bolígrafo.

5 habits of successful people

Here we tell you about five habits that, applied in your daily life, will help you achieve success


Identify your baby's body language

A baby has not developed his oral language in the first months, but his body language. Here we tell you some of the signs they do and what they mean


How does a newborn sees?

Have you ever wondered how a newborn sees? Since they are born, they have all the senses fully developed. Here we tell you more about it!

Celular con aplicación baby translator

These 2 apps help you identify why your baby cries

Technology has advanced to the point that now, with just one application, you can know the reason why your baby cries

3 tips to teach your baby to leave the diaper

The process for a baby to leave the diaper is usually long and tedious, but there are tips that can help make it easier and more bearable. Here we show you some

5 unusual ways to burn calories you have to know

There are many ways to burn calories and lose weight. Discover what they are and how they will keep you healthy

Woman brushing teeth - sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Brush your teeth and avoid Alzheimer's disease

A study from the University of Bergen discovered a clear connection between gum diseases and Alzheimer's 

Do you know what baby reflexology is?

With this technique, you cannot only calm your baby's cry but also relieve some of your ailments

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