Cannabis Seeds, Oils, and Extracts

Modern Superfood: Cannabis Seeds, Oils, and Extracts

Today, we will review the benefits of cannabis as one of the most valuable superfoods in the market.

3D Model of the coronvirus

Innate Immunity: The Key To The End of The Pandemic?

Here's how innate immunity could put an end to the pandemic

woman doing exercise

Everything You Need To Know To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Here we show you how to strengthen your pelvic floor

A person sneezing

Infographic: What happens if COVID-19 goes from being a pandemic to being endemic?

Experts say that COVID-19 could become endemic, but this is not necessarily a good thing.

Two men looking at each other and behind a rainbow flag

France banned "conversion therapies." What is the panorama in Latin America?

In the 21st century, the fight continues around the world to defend LGBTIQ+ rights and ban “conversion therapies”. In much of Latin America there is still no legislation in this regard.

Pfizer vaccine

Delta variant, waning immunity reduced Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness against household transmission

The combined effect of the new variant and waning vaccine-induced immunity considerably reduced the vaccine’s effectiveness against transmission over time.

Man touching the side of his abdomen.

Fatty Liver: What is it and Why does it Happen?

Here we tell you why it is important to take care of this organ and what are the factors that influence the development of a fatty liver

A person's hand pouring pills from a bottle

How Likely is an Opioid Crisis in Latin America?

Several pharmaceutical companies have recently been found guilty of contributing to the opioid crisis in the United States. Could such an epidemic happen in our region?

Several people wearing face masks during a meeting

Will Omicron be the End of the Pandemic in England?

Since the WHO announced the existence of this new variant, the virus has spread throughout the world at great speed and has created new questions.

Atomic structure of the Omicron variant spike protein (purple) bound with the human ACE2 receptor (blue).

UBC scientists unveil world’s first molecular-level analysis of Omicron spike protein

Findings shed light on factors behind Omicron’s increased transmissibility, including strong antibody evasion and binding with human cells

Lips of a woman

Kissing Disease and Multiple Sclerosis: What is their Relationship?

New study reveals link between kissing disease and multiple sclerosis

Lab blood samples

Watch Out: 3 New Findings About COVID-19

Discoveries about coronavirus disease keep coming. Here are 3 new findings about COVID-19.

Pregnant woman on a sofa

What we Do and Don’t Know About the Many Ways COVID-19 can Impact Pregnant Women and Their Babies

Adverse pregnancy outcomes may vary with specific circulating variants.

Empty hospital bed

3 facts you should know about euthanasia in Colombia

Regarding the first euthanasia of a non-terminal patient in Latin America, we tell you some of the things you need to know about euthanasia

Floating green cells of COVID variants

Deltacron and Flurona: Truth or Myth?

WHO warns that the use of the terms Deltacron and Flurona are misinformative and asks not to use them both.

Person lying down looking at his cell phone

How to Overcome Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Although the term “bedtime procrastination” was coined quite recently, millions of people regularly fall prey to this phenomenon. What can you do to stop sabotaging your sleep?

Smiling woman

Happiness Is Not Necessarily in Reaching the First Place

The happiness of the second violin is about accepting that success doesn't always mean being in the first place.

Man looking at his cell phone while wearing a mask

This is how Omicron advances in Latin America

The Omicron variant is being the protagonist of a new wave of infections around the world. This is how Omicron advances in Latin America

Woman thinking with her hands on the face

How Does the Power of the Mind Affect Our Physical Well-Being?

The human mind is capable of creating various types of diseases that do not exist; they are only in our minds. But, don't worry! The Woman Post invites you to identify them and recommends some tips to learn how to control them.

Hildegard of Bingen, Helen O'Connell and Shere Hite

Women Scientists That Revolutionized Female Sexuality

The following female scientists helped thousands of women challenge the social norms around gender and sexuality, understand their bodies better, and get to know themselves better.