Family during a dinner

Tips for Handling Awkward Family Situations

Family reunions can be a chance for you to practice boundaries and self-control, be emotionally resilient and strong, not get triggered, and dare to express your true self.

Woman holding a thermometer

Interview: Symptothermal Method, an Alternative to Hormonal Contraception

More and more women's movements are demonstrating against hormonal contraception and its possible side effects. The symptothermal method is a great alternative

Woman working from home

Gallery: Back to the Office Anxiety ,How to Overcome it?

With the "new normality", people find it necessary to be flexible and adapt to old dynamics. After two years at home, some feel overwhelmed by having to return to their workplaces. Learn how to manage anxiety back at the office

Woman applying sunscreen to a man on his back

How to Protect your Skin Against Climate Change?

Skin problems due to climate change have been noticed for a long time. Today humanity faces great changes if the global temperature is not prevented from reaching 1.5 degrees before 2030. The adaptation and extra care that the population must have are urgent

Woman stand in front of multicolored wall

5 Keys To Achieve Happiness in Life

The Woman Post reveals the best tips for being happy in life. Discover them!

COVID-19 vaccine containers and syringes

Fourth Dose Against COVID-19. What is its Progress?

The application of the second booster dose, also known as the fourth dose, has generated controversy. Learn about the recommendations of the authorities and how their approval has progressed in the world

Woman looking herself in a mirror

Healthy Self-Talk Leads to Positive Outcomes

Our dialogue with ourselves has an immense impact on our mental health and ability to achieve. The Woman Post encourages you to shift your perspective from negative to positive, defeat to determination, and insecurity to inspiration.

Father talking to his son

What is Parental Stress and How to Manage it After the Kids Return to School?

After more than two years of the pandemic, the return to "normality" also poses challenges, since the world is no longer the same and many habits within families will change again. In this scenario, learning to manage parental stress is essential to have a family life with well-being

glass containers in the form of erlenmeyer flask in laboratory

Gallery: These Everyday Chemicals could be Affecting your Health

A report published by Consumer Reports warns about the presence of chemical substances dangerous to health in the food packaging of well-known restaurant brands and supermarket foods. However, they are not the only dangerous chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis

Man holding a sign that says 'SOS'

World Health Day: Why is the Climate Crisis a Health Crisis?

On World Health Day it is important to talk about the problems that derive from global warming in public health and why it is necessary to control this crisis that puts human life at risk

Woman drinking a glass of water in bed

8 Daily Exercises To Achieve Emotional Balance

If you have ever wondered about the meaning of emotions and how they can affect your daily lives, you have come to the right place! The Woman Post brings you some tips to achieve emotional balance.

Pharmaceutical products in containers of different colors

What is pharmacogenomics and why is it considered the future of medicine?

People who have negative reactions to some medications are becoming more and more common. What does DNA have to do with this situation? What is science doing to counter this reality?

Doctor with a pregnant woman

The Silence Of Obstetric Violence

Every day, thousands of pregnant people face ill-treatment. Obstetric violence is real, but it is still not talked about enough

Man covering her face with both hands

Letter to a Bipolar

In March 2012, when I was celebrating my 15th birthday with a beautiful party, and just before it ended, I made a toast, thanking all the guests for loving me despite my bipolarity.

Woman wearing pink t-shirt and breast cancer awareness ribbon

Hope Emerges Against Metastatic Breast Cancer

Thanks to research, a drug has been created with an effectiveness never seen before against this disease that affects millions of women in the world

profile woman

Resilience: Quality, Virtue, or Ability?

In the 21st century, the events for humanity at a global level have represented multiple and strong challenges. What has been and will be the key to overcoming them?

hand holding a pill

Opinion: Birth Control Pill for Men, Will it Really Arrive?

It's time for a birth control pill for men to become a reality. These are other alternative methods to hormonal contraception that have been associated with side effects that only women have had to deal with

Woman showing her ear

Half of The World's Young People Are At Risk Of Hearing Loss

More than 1 billion young people are at risk of serious hearing loss from recreational habits, according to the World Health Organization

Happy couple hugging each other

Alone Time: The Secret of Happy Couples

It's not only normal but incredibly healthy and essential for any happy relationship to want alone time.

Person writing on notebook

Journaling Gives Many Benefits to Your Mind and Soul

Journaling awakens intuition and allows you to work on your self-growth. This form of self-expression will also help you express your feelings, improve your mental health, and boost self-discovery.