Woman with closed eyes

The Importance of Building Emotional Resilience

In moments of significant change (transitions), we use our personal and collective emotional capacity to adapt to the new conditions we face. At these moments, building emotional resilience, it's crucial.

Couple walking down a street while wearing face masks

Persistent COVID: A New Challenge For Humanity

Scientific Evidence Has Found That There Is A Post COVID-19 Syndrome, With 200 Associated Symptoms

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Overcoming Fears Can Be Easier Than You Think

Have you ever experienced the fear of not being good enough at some point in your life? Thankfully, there's a guide to mastering everything that scares you.

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5 Skills To Increase Your Well-Being and Think Positively

Did you know that there are skills to develop your positive attitude? Know what they are!

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Live More Mindfully by Being Kinder to Yourself

Mindfulness can be a life-changing practice in anyone's life, especially when you use it to improve self-care.

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Can Vaccinated People Spread the Delta Variant?

This new strain of the coronavirus has prompted vaccine manufacturers to seek more data

Detail of labeled glass vials containing a generic Covid-19 vaccine.

COVID-19, Myths and Truths: Answers To Your Questions About The Vaccine

We help you solve some of the most frequently asked questions about the coronavirus vaccine

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That Vital Issue To Raise in Our Environments

The World Suicide Prevention Day, which is commemorated on September 10 of each year, exists as a platform, since 2003, to raise awareness about this issue and promote preventive measures with the aim of reducing the number of suicides and suicide attempts all over the world.

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Opinion: How Effective Are Coaching Apps?

Although These Apps Can Be Useful To Some Extent, It Is Worth Asking If They Can Replace Professional Therapy

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Guide To Eat Healthy While Working From Home

While working from home, it's easy to retreat to easy snacks or not-so-healthy meals. Here are some tips that will help you to eat healthy while teleworking.

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Is it Possible an Anti-COVID Pill Soon?

In the quest to find cures against COVID-19, the vaccine is not the only option. Several pharmaceutical companies are working on developing an oral medicine to combat the disease

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How Can Mindfulness Help the Lives Of Children?

Did You Know That Mindfulness Games are Healthy For Kids? Here's Why

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Tips for Napping Without Affecting Your Night Sleep

Although naps do not alleviate sleep deficit, they are a great way to recover from a bad night and reduce excessive daytime sleepiness.

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How to Handle the Return to Face-to-Face Classes with the Children?

The schools have reopened their doors after more than a year of virtuality. This can mean another big change for the kids, or even something completely new 

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The Devastating Effects Of COVID-19 On Sexual Health

World Sexual Health Day Helps To Raise Awareness About the Importance Of Sexual Rights And Their Key Role In Well-Being

African American man wearing face mask

Why are so Many African Americans Anti-Vax?

Behind this trend of anti-vaccine, there is a terrible and sad story that involves the African American community in the United States

Hand with marriage ring

The Inner Fear of Women Who Have Broken Their Marriage

The processes of disunity loathe feelings of mistrust, suspicion, and doubt. In some cases, those emotions become severe if professional help is not sought.

Patient in physiotherapy

How to Put Your Health and Well-Being First After an Accident

As stressful as life and navigating the legal system can be, it’s crucial to put your health and well-being first. Here are a few helpful tips for doing so

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Good Sense of Humor Is a Sign of Wellbeing

Having a good sense of humor is incredibly valuable, especially during these unpredictable times.

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Do not be fooled. The coronavirus vaccine does not cause sterility.

No scientific data supports this idea, although there are conflicting opinions