Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan

Surprising travel destinations that you have not dared to visit yet.

This time, let’s talk about traveling, a topic out of what we used to talk about, but just as important as many other topics regarding women.

Castle in Romania

Changes in Romania and Their Impact on Women

Romanian women, who in recent years have been immersed in the positive changes that have emerged from the post-communist era.

View of a city in Morocco

Documents You Need to Travel from Latin America to Morocco

Traveling from Latin America to Morocco? Find out the documents you need including a valid passport, visa, and special COVID-19 requirements

Santiago de Chile and a dish prepared

"The World's 50 Best": These Are The 7 Best Latin American Cities To Eat Well

Lima and Mexico City lead the Latin American cities with the most restaurants in the top 50 of the prestigious British ranking "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" for 2022.

Woman packing her backpack

Vacation Plans? Tips for Packing Lightly

Planning what you will pack for your next trip can save you a lot of time once you get to your destination. The Woman Post brings you seven helpful tips to pack more lightly and stress less during your vacation.

Sailboat sailing at sea

A Brief Guide to Starting Out in Sailing

Below is a short guide to taking up sailing, discussing some of the things you need to know, providing tips on how to get started and discussing some of the best destinations to go sailing

Photo of Miami city

Best US Cities for Latinas To Live

Are you interested in moving to the United States? Well, maybe you should evaluate some relevant cities. We will tell you which are the most important ones.

Guadalajara de Buga, Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá and Primate Cathedral of Bogotá

7 Unmissable Destinations in Colombia for Easter

Historical sanctuaries, cities with a lot of tradition, and towns with great customs are among the destinations that yes or yes you should consider traveling to during Holy Week

Spanish national flag against cityscape

Latest COVID-19 Travel Restrictions for Spain

Planning a trip to Spain this year? Be sure to read up on the latest entry requirements, domestic restrictions, and the current COVID-19 situation here

Waterfalls in the route of Caño Cristales Colombia

Post-conflict Destinations in Colombia: What Places Can we Visit Now

Jungles, deserts, mountains and a multitude of ecosystems make up Colombia. After the peace process, several territories have begun to be tourist. We are talking about post-conflict destinations in Colombia!

Woman holding a surfboard standing on shoreline

4 Excellent Ideas to Unwind and Relax During Your Vacation

If some sweet moments of relaxation and calm are what you are after, you are in luck. We have rounded up some superb ways to unwind for people in dire need of a vacation. And let’s admit it – who isn’t?

Rio Carnival Parade

Carnivals in 2022: At risk in Latin America

Faced with a new variant of COVID-19, several countries around the world have questioned if it is a good idea to organize this event this year. What will be the future of carnivals in 2022?

People in airport

New Trends: 5 Destinations to Travel in 2022

These destinations have become a trend in an era still marked by the effects of the pandemic on tourism. We recommend 5 destinations to travel in 2022

Man and woman waiting for a train

How to Learn a New Language While Traveling


If you’re one of those traveling nomads who are ready to go the extra mile to learn a language abroad, here are a few tips on how you can actually make it work

View of a city

What Happens If You Test Positive for COVID in Mexico?

If you are a foreigner traveling in Mexico during this pandemic then you should know the different rules and regulations related to international travel during this time of global unpredictability

View of the beach

Can I Return to the United States after Traveling to Mexico during Covid-19?


The Mexican government has advised that the risk of contracting Covid-19 is very low, but it is still recommended to be cautious

Mother and child beside the ocean

Tips for Moms To Enjoy Traveling

Planning a trip can be a pretty stressful and overwhelming process, especially if kids are involved. Unpredicted schedules, long packing lists, and cranky moods are some aspects that need to be considered for a trip.

Christmas tree

This Is a Travel Plan for a Very Special Christmas Experience

Traditional and also daring, travel to these wonderful holiday destinations that will surprise you!

Woman traveling alone

Solo Trips: A Must-Do Experience for Mothers

Being a mom is not easy. For this reason, taking time just for you may change your world. Even if it's only a few days, solo trips without your husband and kids can be an excellent opportunity to take a break.

Woman taking pictures in a train

Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated and Not Vaccinated Travelers

Although each country has its own entry and exit requirements, fully vaccinated people are more likely to travel without any inconvenience. Here are some guidelines you should consider while preparing for your trip.