Colombian worker in a banana export company.

Colombian company will export banana to China and hopes to add Eastern Europe

The Colombian company Uniban, dedicated to the commercialization of bananas, expects to enter several markets in Eastern Europe with its product

Person holding 100 us dollar banknotes

Rate cuts, China data caps dollar gains

"The recent comments from Chinese officials suggest they want to stabilise their currency, otherwise a sharp currency drop may fuel capital outflows," said Manuel Oliveri

Workers in the health sector demonstrate in front of riot police this Saturday in Managua (Nicaragua).

Political crisis in Nicaragua shakes revenues of large Mexican firms

In 2018, trade in the Central American nation fell 11.4%, according to official figures

Police watch the headquarters of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

OPEC may not be dead, but it is not what it was before

Not long ago, this group controlled, almost entirely, the oil market, but now it is dominated by other leaders

People walk past to Huawei retail store in Beijing

What should Huawei users take into account after Google's sanctions?

For Huawei users, the uncertainty will last until August, but they must be prepared for everything, even for a brand's own operating system

Landslides presented in different sections of the road to the plain in Colombia

Colombia: the price of closing one of its most important routes

Having one of its most importants roads closed, which connects the east of the country with the capital, causes a huge cost for Colombia

View of fish in the ocean

Ecotourism or fishing? For Peru, some fish are more valuable alive

Peruvian artisanal fishermen must take care of what remains in their fishing nets because some species contribute more to the community when they are alive

Matas de café en Florencia, Caqueta.

In push to raise coffee output, Colombia's south may hold key

The world's top grower of washed arabica has hovered around 14 million 60-kg bags for four years as farmers battled extreme weather and low international prices

Donald Trump, seguido de un contenedor rojo que tiene encima el logo de la marca Apple

What is Apple's plan B for the Commercial War?

In the last month, tensions between Beijing and Washington have increased due to the commercial war. What other option does Apple have to deal with the situation?

donald trump- bandera mexico

Avoiding a disaster: Trump's tariffs and their posible consequences to México

The 5% tariffs' increase that would have been applied by the US government to Mexican goods could have affected affect more US consumers than Mexican ones

Is there any winner in the 'Technologic Cold War'?

Big Chinese and North American companies have suffered the effects of the commercial war, causing losses to both countries, especially by the Huawei-Google rupture

This has been the impact of trade war on USA's economy

The purpose of the trade war with China is to pressure them to reverse their questionable commercial practices, but the damage to the domestic economy is already being felt

Can commercial war lead to a new global recession?

Even if Trump insists on the limited effects of his trade policy with China, the reality is that his decisions may have global consequences

Sanctions force Venezuela to import crude for the first time in 5 years

The country with the largest oil reserves in the world bought a shipment to Nigeria. Today everything can get worse

Bolivia points to lithium as an economic driver

This month of April, Bolivia and India signed agreements for the commercialization of the material

Iran and Venezuela: could they reactivate their trade relationship?

After a totally political decision and without real economic benefits, the airline Mahan Air decided to open a new direct route Tehran - Caracas

What would happen to the Mexican economy in case of a border closure?

After Trump threatened to close the border with Mexico, the economy of the Latin American country could face enormous difficulties

Chile vs. Peru: what is the origin of pisco?

Chile would forbid the import of Peruvian pisco under that name, forcing it to use the generic 'aguardiente'

Trump's threats are already reflected in the price of avocados

Mexico is the first exporter of this fruit, whose price grew unexpectedly in response to a possible border closure

Palladium: the precious metal that exceeds the price of gold

Palladium, used in a large amount of electronic equipment, reached $ 1,600 dollars per ounce and global demand is controlled by Russia

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