hand holding a cell phone

China's 'Universal Apps' that Put Airbnb out of Business

These Chinese Apps are Driving Western Competition out of the Market by Offering all Kinds of Services.

Person reviewing an Instagram profile

Why Muting Real-Life Friends on Social Media It's a Common Practice?

The mute feature on Instagram it's a great way to avoid annoying publications from friends and loved ones. You can mute all their posts and stories (without them knowing) instead of unfollowing them.

Person holding cryptocurrencies

The Cryptocurrency Market Imploded: The Beginning of the End?

Last week cryptocurrencies suffered one of their hardest blows. What happened?

Burger and fries

Beyond Meat and Other Artificial Foods What Does the Future Hold?

Beyond Meat is part of a new food line that seeks to replace food products of animal origin

Man holding a cell phone

How to Detect Spy Malware on Your Cell Phone?

There are several ways to protect your phone from malware . In this article, we offer you some tips

Man working from his sofa and the AirBnb and Spotify logos

Airbnb and Other Companies that Already Work Completely from Home

Here are Some Top Companies that Have Fully Embraced Working from Home.

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What Are Chrome Extensions and How Can You Use Them to Improve Your Browsing?

Here's how you can use Chrome extensions for a more enjoyable online experience

Amal Hosni

Amal Hosni: "Technology Can Change the Lives of Millions of Women"

Amal Hosni married technology many years ago when she was a child when she, in front of a computer, understood that it was on that machine that she had her academic and professional destiny.

Things Every Subscription Service Does Better Than Netflix

Thinking of switching subscription services? Here are some of the things that Disney, Amazon and HBO do better than Netflix

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Girls Are More Likely To Be Victims of Cyberbullying

In the last couple of years, there has been an increase in children's time online for school and social activities, especially during this COVID period. As a consequence, cyberbullying has become a growing concern for parents.

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What About Women in Architecture and Engineering?

The presence of women in the professional field of architecture and engineering has been invisible, and, in addition, they are a minority. Some managed to experience the labor field and fortunately have achieved success.

Person holding a Kindle device

These Are Some Digital Alternatives to Physical Books

On this Book Day, we bring you some digital alternatives so you can enjoy literature.

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3 Ideas To Close the Digital Gap for Women

Many women want to have opportunities in the digital world, but they encounter some problems. How can they solve them?

Woman holding cell phone with Tinder app

How to be Safe on Dating Apps?

Here are some steps you can take to be more secure on these apps

Man using virtual reality goggles inside an enclosure

The Healthy Problems that Virtual Reality can Cause

Virtual reality has been heralded as the technology of the future, but it still causes many health problems in humans today

Hand trying to touch a hologram

Has the NFT Bubble Burst?

It appears that NFTs turned out to be nothing more than a passing trend

Mom taking a selfie with her daughter

Sharenting: The Risk of Oversharing Your Kid's Privacy on Social Media

Parents' posts of their kids create a digital history that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

How Could the Purchase of Shares by Elon Musk Affect Twitter?

Musk recently became Twitter's largest shareholder. How could this affect the platform?

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Search Engines that you can use in Addition to Google, Advantages and Disadvantages

Google is not the only way to surf the Internet, here we bring you other search engines that you can use

Lina Caceres

Lina Cáceres, Visionary of Digital Entertainment

Lina Cáceres is a restless social communicator who saw in the digital world an exciting tool to develop talents, to be able to commercialize them and thus open the opportunity for new businesses.