Did you know October is the month of depression awareness?

Although about 322 million people suffer from depression, there is still a lack of knowledge about what this disorder brings

Can you die for love? This is the broken-heart syndrome

It seems that the popular expression "died of grief" is not so figurative: broken-heart syndrome is a heart condition caused by high levels of stress

Discover how to prevent heart diseases

The strategic project that seeks to prevent cardiovascular diseases was announced at the last Latin American Cholesterol Summit

Are you tired of traditional chargers? These are 6 wireless options

Currently, the market has many wireless charging options. Here, we present a collection of the best for your Smartphone

A technology revolution! This is what Apple Event left us

On September 12, Tim Cook announced three new iPhone and the Apple Watch Series 4. Here you can find everything about the Apple Event and so much more

Find out how to be part of Google Colombia if you are a university student

From September 3 to October 5, those who want to be part of the Google internship program, can register online

5 apps you should download if you are vegan

Use them if you're looking for vegan cosmetics, plant-based foods, or want to completely eliminate meat

Discover how Google has changed our lives

The most popular search engine in the world fulfills two decades facilitating the existence

What should you keep in mind when investing in technology startups?

Despite the risks that investing in startups can bring, keeping a few things in mind before investing will help you use your money clearly

From Black Mirror to Latin America: The end of insecurity?

Technology has become the main ally of security agencies in the fight against organized crime in times of deficit of uniformed

What do Latin American cities need to be smart?

The ranking of the most intelligent cities on the planet provides some interesting clues for the formation of these in Latin America

This is how fake influencers become popular

Trolls and bots are part of all discussions about digital communication. Now we must add new players in the social media map: the PODs

Would you like to know how to find a job through social networks? Follow these tips

Here you will find a list of tips that will allow you to exploit these tools to the maximum when looking for a job

Eclipses and other 3 astronomical phenomena that you should watch

At least once in your life, you should watch these events. Discover which ones

Virtual Influencers: the new sensation on social media

Miquela is 19 years old, has a verified account on Instagram and an enviable lifestyle, but she is not human

Female sexual dysfunctions, which are the most common?

Although sexual disorders are often associated with the menopause, it is possible that you are living a silent disease

It is not coca what is consumed, it is cement and gasoline

According to The PubChem Project, "the leaves only contain 1% of total cocaine"

Will we touch the sun? Everything you need to know about the Parker Solar Probe Mission

A historic mission that will revolutionize our understanding of the sun has just taken off from Florida

Video: If you missed the shooting stars, relive the best moments here

Make your wish while watching the rain of shooting stars

The detectives of WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and the online discussion: Linterna Verde

This is the Colombian organization dedicated to clarifying the debate on digital platforms and their effects on society

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