Bill Gates: the 10 technologies that will improve the world in 2019

The founder of Microsoft and the second richest man in the world presents the 10 most cutting-edge technological advances for this year

Find out these 7 hidden functions on your cell phone

Do you want to really enjoy your smartphone? We tell you about 7 hidden functions on your cell phone that will make your life easier

Samsung's bets for 2019

Samsung's innovation presentation was recently held where its president spoke of the brand's new products

Wearables: a trend in older adults

The wearable technology has gained strength in the market in recent years, one of its primary users are the elderly adults

How does your skin face age? This app will let you know

L'Oréal has recently announced the launch of a new app that will allow a specialized diagnosis of the state of your skin

Do you want to feel your baby? Technologies to feel him inside the womb

There are different ways to see and feel your baby while him is inside your belly, even some without needing to go to the doctor

Smart Wall: an "economic" alternative to Trump's wall

The use of Artificial Intelligence, sensors and drones could replace the project of a concrete wall proposed by Donald Trump

What do women have to face in the world of science?

Women who dedicate their lives to science have more difficulties in obtaining financing than men

Flexible screens: what are they and what is their advantage?

From being flat and firm to having more curves and being flexible: will the time come when all the screens are collapsible? What is the difference?

Apple in crisis: Why will the iPhone be cheaper?

Facing disappointing sales, the price of the iPhone could fall in different countries, as indicated by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Control your home from you smartphone, and from afar

Technology is constantly evolving, now it has reached the point where it is possible to handle almost all the appliances in your home from the distance

OLED, AMOLED and LCD screens: which one is better?

LCD screens have been the most common in recent years, however, OLED and AMOLED technologies are changing the market, what is the difference?

Do you have something that you no longer use? Sell it online

Aunque algunas personas tienen miedo, las ventas en línea son cada vez más simples y confiables.

WhatsApp and its fight against the "fake news"

WhatsApp will limit the re-sending of messages in the application. The messaging application made this decision after the spread of false news in different countries of the world

WHO: 10 health dangers in 2019

The World Health Organization warns about ten aspects that threaten the health of the world during the year

YouTube says goodbye to dangerous challenges

Why the popular platform disabled the option to share videos of challenges and jokes?

Embr Wave: the device that changes your body temperature

The device presented at the most recent CES electronic fair can "hack your brain" to change your body temperature

The rarest technology of CES 2019

Find here 8 of the rarest and most interesting inventions presented at CES 2019

3 smartphones with the best screens on the market

The quality of the images and videos reflected on a smartphone will depend on its screen. These are the best screens on sale today

TECHO helps locate marginalized settlements in Latin America

The Latin American NGO has launched a mapping application that helps determine the incidence factors of the most marginalized populations in the region


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