Samsung Galaxy Fold model and Microsoft Surface Duo.

Folding smartphones: Samsung vs Microsoft

We tell you the characteristics of these two phones that promise to have incredible tools.

Everything you need to know about Uber Works

Here are all the details about this new app for temporary work.

Person playing video games on a play station console.

Learn how videogames can help social skills of children with autism

Interventions based on games that require the use of technology have proved to facilitate motivation and learning processes in children with autism disorders.

Man wearing black jacket looking his smartphone in the street.

Addictive de-vices: How we can unplug from this 21st century epidemic

We spend our days looking at them, talking to them, and touching them.

Artificial skin

Artificial skin recreates sense of touch and helps rehabilitation

The skin's system of soft sensors and actuators enable the artificial skin to conform to an exact shape and provide haptic feedback in the form of pressure and vibration.

Biomedical images of a brain

Artificial intelligence improves biomedical imaging

The technique can be used for applications such as visualizing blood vessels, studying brain activity, characterizing skin lesions and diagnosing breast cancer.

Black hole's warped.

NASA visualization shows a black hole's warped world

This new visualization of a black hole illustrates how its gravity distorts our view, warping its surroundings as if seen in a carnival mirror.

Computer motherboard

Science is one step closer to a fully functioning quantum computer

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize technology, medicine, and science by providing faster and more efficient devices.

Kindle tablet multimedia version of electronic book reader

The competition between manufacturers of Digital Reading Devices

The leader of these devices has been Amazon for years with its Kindle, but there is increasing competition in this sector.

Screenshots of the Nuru PlantVillage application.

New AI app predicts climate change stress for farmers in Africa

Researchers unveiled their app for climate-smart agriculture, which coincided with the UN Climate Action Summit

Man seen through the reflection of a glass

Electric tech could help reverse baldness

Reversing baldness could someday be as easy as wearing a hat

Cell phone presented by Huawei.

Huawei promises smartest 5G phone, will there be buyers?

The build-up has been marked by uncertainty over whether buyers of the flagship Android device will be able to use apps supported by Google

Tech companies won't wait for U.S. to act on social media laws

Tech companies will change how they moderate online platforms in response to new laws from foreign governments

Apple president Tim Cook announces the triple camera of the iPhone 11 Pro during his presentation in Cupertino

These are the latest Apple news

Apple Inc caught up with hardware rivals on Tuesday by revealing a triple-camera iPhone, and it rolled out a streaming TV service priced at $5 a month

Robot making metal sign with his hand.

Can Artificial Intelligence spot liars?

Computers aren't very good at discerning misrepresentation, and that's a problem as technologies are increasingly deployed in society to render decisions

CEO of Huawei's Richard Yu, presenting 'most powerful' Kirin 990 Chipset for new high-end smartphone

Huawei shows off 'most powerful' chipset as forges ahead with 5G smartphone plan

The Kirin 990 chipset is the first all-in-one 5G system on a chip, describing it as superior to alternatives from Qualcomm and Samsung

User scrolling through Youtube on smartphone

This is millionaire penalty that YouTube is going to pay

Google's YouTube had been accused of tracking viewers of children's channels using cookies without parental consent 

Two women holding a cellphone posing for a picture.

Chinese face-swapping app goes viral and sparks privacy concerns

Consumers sign-up for ZAO with their phone number and upload images of their faces, using photographs taken with their smartphone

Smart phone showing the initial screen with apps

Right-wing WhatsApp users in Brazil are louder, more active, more effective

First large-scale analysis of partisan WhatsApp groups during 2018 Brazil presidential election

Man standing in the Huawei room using a cell phone.

Huawei cloud: the first public storage cloud in Chile

In addition to offering storage, the Chinese giant also said they maintain interest in deploying an underwater cable between Chile and Asia

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