From Alonso to Verstappen: Drivers Who Ended Hegemonies in Formula 1

These drivers ended hegemonies in Formula 1

The 5 Most Desired Forwards in the Transfer Window

The transfer window is approaching and there are several forwards that the biggest teams are dying to sign

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The Grand Tours Of 2021 And Their Winners

The Vuelta a España, the Tour de France, and the Giro d'Italia gave us some of the best sporting moments of 2021. This is how the grand tours of 2021 were

Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokoumpo

The 3 Best Basketball Players in 2021

This year brought great duels in the NBA and not only at the group level but also individually. These were the 3 best basketball players in 2021

Paris 2024: Will They Be The Most Popular Olympic Games In History?

The Organizing Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games wants to stand out in the centenary year of the greatest sporting event with a ceremony open to the public

Copa América, Simone Biles and Players from Llaneros and Unión Magdalena

Believe It Or Not: The Biggest Sports Scandals Of 2021

The Super League, the Copa América without headquarters, and Simone Biles starred in the biggest sports scandals of 2021

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Effects of overtraining and how to avoid them

In any physical activity to improve health, excesses are negative. Find here how to avoid the effects of overtraining

Football players

How Did Soccer Become The Fourth Most Popular Sport In The United States?

Factors such as rivalry, scouting, women's soccer, and the globalization of their league made soccer in the United States one of the sports with the most attention this year

Fans in the stadium with flags

Gallery: Soccer Clubs that Grew the Most in Social Networks this Year

Juventus, PSG and Manchester United are some of the soccer clubs that grew the most in social networks this 2021

David De Gea

David de Gea: The Best Moments of his Career

The Spanish goalkeeper completed 200 clean sheets, so here we decided to review his best moments. Is David de Gea one of the best goalkeepers in soccer history?

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3 Outdoor Sports That You Should Practice on Your Holidays

You can not miss the best three physical activities to exercise on vacation!

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

Why Is The Formula 1 Title So Controversial?

Despite the spectacular of the 2021 Formula 1 season, this has not been the only definition of the controversial title

Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes

Who are the Best NFL Players in 2021?

Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are frequently among the best NFL players of 2021

Marvin Hagler, Frank Williams and Lee Elder

Athletes Who Died In 2021

In our year-end summary, we bring you a list of some athletes who died in 2021

Yulimar Rojas and Nelson Crispin

Summary: The 10 Best Latino Athletes Of 2021

2021 concludes with several athletes proudly representing all of Latin America. Here we present the 10 best athletes of the year

Leo Messi in his farewell to FCBarcelona

Why is Barcelona Having a Disastrous Season?

Today the club occupies the 7th place in the standings, it was out of the Champions League and the level of play it has shown does not allow its situation to be seen with optimism about the disastrous season of Barcelona

Alexia Putellas Segura

Alexia Putellas, Third Woman To Receive a Ballon d’Or

The sports sector in Spain is celebrating since Alexia Putellas was recently awarded the Ballon d’Or for being considered the best female football player in the world.

Why did the USA start a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics?

The United States' diplomatic boycott of next year's Winter Olympics in China has good reasons

Negro League East All-Stars

What was the "Negro League"? The forgotten league of baseball

The possibility that the members of the “Negro League” are part of the Baseball Hall of Fame in the United States invites us to review its history

Llaneros and Unión Magdalena players

Controversies In Soccer: 5 Fixed Matches That Generated Controversy

The clash between Llaneros FC and Unión Magdalena in Colombia adds to a long list of controversial fixed matches in soccer history

Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski will have to Keep Waiting for his Bollon d'Or

Robert Lewandowski is left without the maximum recognition again and Lionel Messi already accumulates his seventh Ballon d'Or

Colombian cyclists at the Junior Pan American Games

Colombia's Highlights at the Junior Pan American Games

At the Junior Pan American Games Colombia has triumphed as host and as a competitor