Dr Jane Goodall, Stephanie Gicquel, Harnaam Kaur

5 Women Who Have Won Guinness Record

In the third week of November people from all over the world come together to break their limits and overcome all imaginable challenges.

Aisha Al Mansoori, Veronica Marambio, Catalina Rondon

Discover America Day 2022 Event: Women Pilots Leading Aviation

The Woman Post invites you to meet some women who are in the aviation industry sector. Although they are few, they all deserve to be awarded and find success in their lives

Hannah Schmitz, Monisha Kaltenborn and Ruth Buscombe

2022: Young Women and Engineers Leading the Formula 1 Tracks

Women are gradually positioning themselves from the tracks and senior positions in Formula 1, although a radical change could be achieved in the coming years

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Christine Lagard and Kristalina Georgieva

International Organizations With Women in Command

The Woman Post makes a global review of those women who are in charge of International Organizations in different countries of the world.

Person cutting a fish print in paper

Don't Judge a Fish by Its Ability To Climb a Tree

Society has taught us to measure intelligence based on specific skills.

Members of the LGTB community

The Rainbow March for the Defense of the Rights of the LGBTQI+ Community

On the 4th of July, the LGBTQIA + pride march was held in Bogotá, Colombia. In a musical atmosphere of dance and colors, the emblematic Carrera Séptima avenue was filled with glitter and excitement.

Person walking along corridors

Incels, New Social Threat

They are men who never have sex. Not because they ditch them.

Girl in red dress playing with wooden blocks

Should Toys Be Gender Neutral?

Nowadays, you can't walk into a kids' store without seeing a clear divide: boys' stuff is blue, and girls' stuff is pink. 

Person keeping a condom in a pocket.

Unsafe sex: Argentina crisis deflates condom sales as costs rise

In South America's capital of romance, Argentine lovers are cutting back on one important cost: contraception.

Group of people working at a table

Coworking designed especially for women proves to be a trend

Initiatives that arise from the needs of different types of women in the labor market have given rise to new coworking concepts

Hacker and padlock on a laptop

Ransomware: how much does a cyber attack cost to companies?

The company Norsk Hydro has lost 45 million pounds because of a ransomware attack, but it is still considered a success case in the face of hackers' threats

Soccer ball in the field of a stadium

Some problems in the way towards the Copa América 2020

AFA recent accusations to Conmebol could change the conditions of how the tournament, for now with two venues, is organized

YPF gas station

Argentina tries to keep its largest oil company in the courts of New York

In the first hearing of the trial, the Argentinian delegation made it clear that litigation should not continue outside its national territory

Eike Batista arrested by the Brazilian police in 2018

Eike Batista: when money and corruption come together

The Brazilian billionaire is now in jail and must now pay a $134 million fine for the crimes of active corruption and money laundering


Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal and the law of supply and demand

"What is your opinion on women earning less than men in tennis and what do you think is this based on?", they asked Nadal at a press conference

Mano sosteniendo el logo de facebook y otra sosteniendo el logo de la criptomoneda 'Libra'

Libra: this is how Facebook plans to introduce a cryptocurrency

Although the project still has to overcome considerable obstacles to get it working, it could allow payments through Facebook and WhatsApp

Selección femenina de China en el mundial de Francia 2019

Women's Football World Cup Awards: this is the huge salary gap in football

Although the prize for the winning team of the Women's World Cup will increase by more than 200%, this figure is still far from the prize given in the Men's World Cup

Jay Z vistiendo una camiseta negra y cadenas, graffiti de colores azul y naranja que dice 'hip hop'

Who is the first rapper to have a million-dollar fortune?

Forbes magazine has listed Jay-Z as one of the first to reach these figures, expanding his business portfolio far beyond music

Selección de Catar tras empate con Paraguay en Copa América y dibujo de una bolsa de dinero

How much has Qatar invested to take its football to where it is?

The participation of the Qatar national team in the 2019 Copa America is another achievement for this country's soccer, how much have they invested in the process?

Avión - Aeropuerto Singapore Changi

Which are the best airports in Latin America?

Among the many surveys available, Brazil and Peru have shown that they have the best airports in the region