Ivonne Suarez Pinzon

Human Rights Archives Have a Female Face in Latin America

The Woman Post spoke with Ivonne Suárez Pinzón, the director of the General Archive of the Nation (AGN) in Colombia, who highlights the work of millions of women in the pursuit of human rights through the power of archives.

Cannabis Cultivation

Normalizing the consumption of marijuana is normalizing the deterioration of mental health

The legalization of marijuana is increasing in the world and its consumption has been normalized and socially accepted, with personal doses, however, normalizing the consumption of marijuana is normalizing the deterioration of health, because, although it has been romanticized Its intake, relating it to a medicinal plant, is already known through scientific studies, its effects on the deterioration of the mental health of those who consume it

Makiko Ono, Olena Olehivna Shevchenko, Angela Basset

Women Leading 2023 According to Time Magazine

Time magazine has announced the twelve women who, due to their valuable trajectories and global impact, deserve the recognition given annually this Women's Month

Mary Kenneth Keller, Margaret Hamilton, Evelyn Berezin, Erna Schneider Hoover

Women Who Have Made Valuable Contributions to Our Lives

On March 8, World Women's Day is commemorated, it is not celebrated, because it arises from a tragic and transcendental event that occurred in 1911

Woman doing skincare

L’Occitane and Its Empowerment Program for the Women of Burkina Faso

Did you know that the women of Burkina Faso in West Africa extract the famous Karité nut butter for cosmetic use and call it "women's gold"?

Woman in protest

Women in Political Revolutions

From the United States to Argentina, history tells of brave women who even lost their own lives to defend the independence cause, those names contain the value and courage of their protagonists.

Military woman

More Women in the Ranks of the Military by 2023

Under the motto "Human security strategy" the current president of Colombia Gustavo Petro, proposes to recruit more women in the army by the year 2023.

Woman smiling

Intangible but Powerful Wishes for 2023

Each year that begins is an invitation to take stock of what has been done, what has been planned, and finally what we were able to accomplish.

Woman smiling

Women’s Impact on Christmas Celebrations Around the World?

Before the celebration of Christmas Eve or Christmas, it is women who are the ones who put their preponderant touch in the development of this celebration.

Front page of 'La Fronde'

Le Fronde: The Story of the First Feminist Newspaper

THE WOMAN POST is a publication that reflects content and topics of great interest and the diversity of voices of women, of all ethnic groups, ideologies, roles, and activities in all latitudes of the planet.

Woman saving money in the pocket

Are Women More Corrupt Than Men?

At the beginning of December, the international day against corruption is usually celebrated, an effort by the United Nations and ONG to raise awareness about this practice

Dr Jane Goodall, Stephanie Gicquel, Harnaam Kaur

5 Women Who Have Won Guinness Record

In the third week of November people from all over the world come together to break their limits and overcome all imaginable challenges.

Aisha Al Mansoori, Veronica Marambio, Catalina Rondon

Discover America Day 2022 Event: Women Pilots Leading Aviation

The Woman Post invites you to meet some women who are in the aviation industry sector. Although they are few, they all deserve to be awarded and find success in their lives

Hannah Schmitz, Monisha Kaltenborn and Ruth Buscombe

2022: Young Women and Engineers Leading the Formula 1 Tracks

Women are gradually positioning themselves from the tracks and senior positions in Formula 1, although a radical change could be achieved in the coming years

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Christine Lagard and Kristalina Georgieva

International Organizations With Women in Command

The Woman Post makes a global review of those women who are in charge of International Organizations in different countries of the world.

Person cutting a fish print in paper

Don't Judge a Fish by Its Ability To Climb a Tree

Society has taught us to measure intelligence based on specific skills.

Members of the LGTB community

The Rainbow March for the Defense of the Rights of the LGBTQI+ Community

On the 4th of July, the LGBTQIA + pride march was held in Bogotá, Colombia. In a musical atmosphere of dance and colors, the emblematic Carrera Séptima avenue was filled with glitter and excitement.

farm workers

Incels, New Social Threat

They are men who never have sex. Not because they ditch them.


Should Toys Be Gender Neutral?

Nowadays, you can't walk into a kids' store without seeing a clear divide: boys' stuff is blue, and girls' stuff is pink. 

Person keeping a condom in a pocket.

Unsafe sex: Argentina crisis deflates condom sales as costs rise

In South America's capital of romance, Argentine lovers are cutting back on one important cost: contraception.