Amazing! 6 apps that will help you organize your money

Planning finances and saving money are no longer for accountants. Now you can do it from your phone!

How much can you earn with Airbnb? Find out here

Keeping the profile of your apartment updated is only the first step if you want to make Airbnb a reliable source of income

Do you want to be rich? Start collecting items!

Collecting cartoons or sporting goods are just some options to be rich through a collection

Find out how much it would cost you to have a smart home

With the increasing popularity of home automation, it is worth wondering how much it could cost to improve your home with the latest technology

Gender equality: lessons we need to learn from Iceland

Iceland became the first country in the world to prohibit paying men more than women. Can their policies be applied to Latin America?

Higher education: "A waste of time and money"

A controversial economics expert suggests that investing in college degrees is not worth it

Pink Tax: The hidden rate that women must pay

The pink tax is an extra fee paid by all women around the world. Although it is a real tax, it is invisible to a large part of the population

Personal Loans: the Fastest Growing Consumer Debt

Everything you need to know about personal loans

Is there a global crisis in the pension systems?

Russia faces a strong social crisis because of the rising age of retirement. How does Latin America perform in this area?

Do you want to invest in franchises? 3 keys to do it successfully

The benefits include self-employment and the guarantee of investment in a company with proven success, but you must have clear accounts to take advantage of it

Be careful! Buying a new car could be a terrible investment

It is common to believe that the purchase of a car is an investment, but everything changes if analyzed from an exclusively monetary point of view

What are some issues you should keep in mind if you want to create your own cryptocurrency?

Find out wether this controversial trend is the best option to finance your new project

Chances of getting the wrong size when online shopping lowered by augmented reality

The use of augmented reality technology can allow you to try on clothes to decorate the living room of your home from your cell phone

What can you buy with the new minimum wage in Venezuela?

Maduro increased the minimum wage by 103%, but it still takes almost four months of work to buy a bag of soap powder

This is where the most expensive and the cheapest beers in Latin America are

Beyond the cost of living of each city, the price of beer in Latin America ranges from $ 0.54 to $ 3.19 dollars

Do you know what you pay for when you buy an airplane ticket?

The prices of a ticket vary depending on a number of factors that, at the time of purchase, are not entirely clear

Is there an ideal age to build a startup?

A 9 year old girl and an 81 year old woman show that the success of an enterprise does not necessarily depend on age

Fake football shirts: This is the business about to start the World Cup

Seizures of fake t-shirts throughout Latin America show that this turbulent business is booming

Steam Summer Sale is coming, the solution to buy games without hurting your pocket

Latin America also participates in this annual event, with discounts on video games of up to 90%, which can help you expand your collection without spending much

Get to know how much the same pack of cigarettes costs throughout Latin America

According to the laws of each country, tobacco products vary in price. See how cigarettes have been taxed in the countries of the region

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