Miss Universe 2018: an analysis after the contest

Let's think about the cultural imbalance in a globalized world like ours

We only worry about fireworks in December

Is improper use of fireworks a reality that is reported and passively accepted?

Abstention: another problem for Venezuela

The past elections do not leave a very encouraging picture since the abstention rate was one of the highest. For what is this?

Is Venezuela able to organize sporting events?

After the death of the baseball players Luis Valbuena and José Castillo on a road in Venezuela, the debate opened on whether sporting events should stop or continue

Venezuela promotes terrorism

Some senators have contemplated the possibility of including Venezuela in the list of states that cooperate with terrorism. How admissible is this petition?

The Golden Globes: let's celebrate diversity!

The nominees are already known for the Golden Globe awards, which reward the best of cinema and television. Among the nominees, we see more and more diversity

Libertadores' final will be played in Spain, we show you the pros and cons

The Santiago Bernabéu stadium, home to major events in the history of football, will receive for the first time a match for a continental title

Not in the agenda! Topics that were not discussed at G20

Nicolás Maduro regime and the migration crisis that affects Latin America were two of the issues that were ignored at the G2O summit

We must say NO to the Constituent Assembly

A constituent is a perfect option to modify everything that the Democratic Center disagrees with

Boca-River: These are the embarrassing moments that marked this failed match

What happened last Sunday exposed the lack of values of a part of the Latin American society 

Do you believe that artificial intelligence could replace us?

Will our fears become true? Can artificial intelligence replace human beings in their jobs? Find out here

Is AMLO the change that Mexico’s needs?

AMLO comes to govern a country hit by corruption, violence, and insecurity

This is how we can reduce xenophobia

Xenophobia is a big problem that is affecting many countries in Latin America and social networks only help to increase this

The controversial Rosalía scandal for her new album

The Catalan singer has just released her album 'El mal querer' and the controversy has been unleashed in Spain

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is no longer in

This event is one of the most important in the fashion world and always paralyzes the whole industry. But is it really that amazing?

The solution is marching peacefully

In the legitimate use of social protest as a tool to demand the fulfillment of our rights, may the peaceful march live!

Has the anti-drug policy failed?

The main policy of governments to counteract the illicit drug trafficking has been prohibition. Has it worked?

Lewis Hamilton: Can he equal Fangio and Schumacher triumphs?

After his fourth title in the last five years, the British driver and the Mercedes team have established a hegemony in Formula One

River vs Boca: the final that will shake Latin America

Today will be the first match at La Bombonera, and as has been the custom since 2013 between these two teams, there will be no visitor fans

Maduro: the undesirable guest to AMLO's possession

AMLO would be incoherent and would give a bad message to Mexicans and the world by allowing Nicolás Maduro to be in his presidential possession

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