Italy, Germany, and France: when there is no competition in football

Juventus, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain have no rivals in their domestic championships, and the differences with the rest seem to be increasingly abysmal

The good, the bad and the ugly: Tour of Táchira 2019

The most important cycling event in Venezuela was held in 2019, despite the situation in the country. LatinAmerican Post has the exclusive

Venezuela: A smokescreen in Latin America

In several countries of the continent, severe events are currently taking place, but for the OAS and other international organizations it seems that the only thing that matters is the Venezuelan crisis

Why are men bothered with Gillette’s commercial?

Last week a new Gillette commercial that denounces toxic masculinity ignited social media users

Colombia: has the terrorism returned?

Terrorism, fanaticism and a weakened peace process are the aftermaths of the attack against the Santander General School

Los Angeles Lakers, the most risky adventure in the career of LeBron James?

For the first time since he became the most desirable player in the NBA, 'The King' is on a team that is not a candidate for the title


Venezuela doesn't have the necessary political force

What is the use of the country to have an opposition leader who does not have military support?

Black Mirror Bandersnatch or the endless labyrinth

After many months of rumors and waiting, Netflix premiered the Black Mirror movie at the end of the year. Here we present a criticism

Massive assassination of leaders: How many deaths will there be?

The worrying figures of the murders of social leaders and the uncertainties of the Colombian government leave a worrisome scenario for the defenders

The heated debate between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

The Portuguese invited the Argentine to leave Barcelona and seek "new challenges". Messi replied saying that the Catalan club always has "new objectives"

2019: a good year for the Democratic Party

2019 arrives with good omens for the Democratic Party

Colombian journalism is in danger

In a country like Colombia, restricting press freedom means repeating the past

2018: a year full of football

The french national team, the VAR, the change of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus and the embarrassing final River Plate-Boca Juniors were part of this year full of football

Does the quota law works?

The numbers reflected in female participation in politics do not always represent a success or representation for women

Is Netflix consuming us?

Netflix has many haters but also many fans. The most important streaming platform has changed the way we watch television. Has this been good or bad?

Should UEFA change the draws in the Champions League?

Three series of round of 16 will leave three great European teams eliminated from the competition. From that possibility, we evaluate the conditions of the tournament draws

Protests: do they weaken governments?

Are the protests really useful to weaken the government and to make the population feel heard?

Is the Global Migration Pact useful?

Taking into account what the UN proposed, doesn't it sound very far from reality to expect a country to solve its conflicts so that people can return to it?


Miss Universe 2018: an analysis after the contest

Let's think about the cultural imbalance in a globalized world like ours

We only worry about fireworks in December

Is improper use of fireworks a reality that is reported and passively accepted?

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