Believe it or not, Latin American countries often do not support their best sports

In Venezuela, baseball, and in Colombia and Argentina, soccer, are not the most successful sports

Who said that animation is only for children?

Brad Bird's comment that 'The Incredibles 2' is not a children's movie made me think: Is animation really a medium aimed at a children's audience?

The American dream is overrated

Can the American dream be a euphemism for the slavery of the 21st century or a strategy to flourish the economy of the great world power?

Nicaragua: The failure of the revolution?

It is difficult to combine economic stability together with profound social reforms and that is what the regimes have failed to understand

How could I change something that does not satisfy me and that harms the environment?

Large multinational companies, no matter how powerful they may be and governments, however arrogant they may be, must change

Being a singer today: talent or beauty?

To be a singer, without a doubt, one should have talent, or that is what one expects as a spectator, but why is it necessary to be beautiful?

Do not do it because it's trendy: marching in gay pride is an act of courage and resistance

Where do we build our solidarity and support for causes such as gay pride?

Russia 2018: Which teams have been victims of VAR?

LatinAmerican Post reviews some examples of 2018 World Cup matches in which video-refereeing has intervened, for better or for worse

The overwhelming triumph of the left: Mexico opened the doors to a change

The 1st of July marks a milestone in the history of Mexico with the triumph of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a victory that demonstrates that the Aztec people want a change

Do movies today sacrifice a good plot for better special effects?

Film, as one of the largest and most diverse industries in the world, allows each director to create the universe he or she wishes

Cars are not the only enemy of the Environment

When pointing responsible, cars are always guilty, but is it really the only villain?

Women in the video game industry: representation or forgetting?

E3, the meeting of the biggest representatives of the video game industry, did not leave such a positive balance in terms of gender equity and female representation

Hate: The high price of being a migrant in the United States

The zero-tolerance policy of Donald Trump surpassed all the limits of the treatment that the president has given to the migrants, demonstrating with this the hatred that feels towards them

Was water really privatized in Mexico?

The supposed privatization of the water occurred on June 5 of this year, days before the soccer match between Mexico and Germany. However, how true is this?

Controversy and censorship are not necessary in all of the TV and film industry

Although it is difficult for many to accept, this industry is driven by political, economic, social, and cultural interests

How far will Instagram go?

IGTV is the new Instagram feature that becomes the direct competition for YouTube

In Latin America there is no theater industry

One week after the most important theater awards in the United States, I wonder: why is there no equivalent to the Tonys in any Latin American city?

Would Nicaragua become another Venezuela?

Nicaragua and Venezuela face a social outbreak due to the illegitimate presidents who govern them, placing them in the eye of the OAS

Nicaragua wants to be like Venezuela using social reforms

Despite the relative stability of Nicaragua, the malaise generated by the economic reforms, the censorship of press freedom and the increasing non-conformity with the guidelines of national policy begin to give indications of a crisis that could be assimilated with the Venezuelan one

'France Football', when will you apologize to Franck Ribéry?

The sports magazine apologized to Andrés Iniesta for never giving him the title of 'Best Footballer in the World'. Fans in social networks demanded the same action towards Franck Ribéry

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