Venezuela: Beyond a political crisis

Not being enough with the humanitarian crisis and the natural catastrophes that Venezuelans are going through, they also have to endure xenophobia abroad

Film awards: The absurdity of gender categories

Better leading actress? Best Supporting Actor? I do not agree with the division of film awards by gender. Find out here why

Political scandal: Why is Peru's justice in crisis?

The controversy behind the possession of the new attorney general is only one part of a structural problem

How is FARC's political party going after its first year?

The old guerrilla still does not find its place in the political sphere

What is going on with the kids of Magüí Payán and their musical band?

Although the children were given musical instruments, Magüí Payán, the territory from which they come, has been marked by the neglect of the State and the violence

These are the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage

The debate around the minimum wage always generates controversy. How much must be raised to benefit workers and the economy?

Eminem fights against the new generation of rap with his new album

A week ago, Eminem released his new album entitled Kamikaze. Here you can find a review

Novak Djokovic has what it takes to be number 1 in world tennis

Regardless of what happens at the US Open, the Serbian has announced that he is back, after winning Wimbledon and becoming number 6 of the ATP ranking

Are you prepared? The League of Spain will arrive to the United States

Here you can find the pros and cons of this decision with which the Association of Spain Footballers has expressed its dissatisfaction

Empowering the LGBTI community: Trans actors for trans roles!

In July of this year, it was announced that Scarlett Johansson would play a transgender man and the controversy continues

Disinformation and abstention: guilty of the Anti-Corruption Consultation's defeat

The low participation in some departments of the country and the speculation in social networks, contributed to the defeat suffered by the Anti-Corruption Consultation

Xenophobia towards Venezuelans: The result of Nicolás Maduro's decisions

Nicolás Maduro's decisions in economic, security and foreign affairs have led Venezuelans to suffer acts of xenophobia in other countries

Oscar for Best-Popular Film: There is nothing wrong with commercial movies

The new category of the Oscars for The Best-Popular Film: Is it a way to get closer to the Oscars or just a consolation prize? What do you think?

Why is Latin America the most violent region in the world?

The acceptance with which crimes such as homicide are assumed, is making Latin America the most violent continent in the world

Is Real Madrid’s new goalkeeper a solution or a problem?

The arrival of the Belgian goalkeeper was seen in the first instance as positive. However, when analyzing in detail, the situation is not so good

Is Chile willing to legalize abortion?

After what happened in Argentina, the southern country puts on the table the possibility of expanding the chances of interruption of pregnancy

This is how the racist landscape of Latin characters in animated films has changed

Has Disney really advanced in terms of representing Latino characters?

Digital advertising could be our ally

Not everything is bad about the arrival of the digital age, now we can choose what kind of advertising to see

The double moral of Latin American politics

The speeches condemning acts of corruption and violence are increasingly repeated, but governments do not denounce those they commit

The reason why Cuba and Mexico are the only ones winning the Central American Games

The XXIII edition of the games in Barranquilla culminated without surprises, since the two mentioned countries finished 1st and 2nd in the medal table

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