Sheena, Supergirl, Buffy

3 superheroines before the Marvel and DC sagas

The growing trend of the last few years of sagas of superheroes like those of Marvel and DC is to give heroines a special place. Who preceded them?

Władysław Szpilman, Melanie Daniels, Regan McNeil, Jon Snow

Jon Snow and other 6 characters that affected their interpreters

The British actor went into rehabilitation after his problems with alcohol due to the pressure of playing Jon Snow for almost a decade

Elton John's soccer-fan side that Rocketman forgot

While Rocketman has been well received, there are several fans who left cinemas with a bitter taste because of the omission of a fundamental side of Elton John

Black Mirror and other 5 releases on streaming platforms in June

We bring you some of the most anticipated releases that arrive in June to platforms like Netflix so that you will not miss them for anything in the world

Rocketman and the rise of biopics

Rocketman , like Bohemian Rhapsody, is another example of the current trend of creating biographical films or documentaries about artists

Cannes: Latin America present in the awards

Two Latin American films, one Brazilian and one Nicaraguan, were awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. Here we tell you more about them


Chernobyl: the brilliant sign that HBO is more than Game of Thrones

The miniseries is a co-production between HBO and SKY, and it shows the depth of the tragedy that occurred in the Soviet Union in 1986

Cannes: when the red carpet becomes political

As demonstrated by the recent denunciation of the murder of Mauricio Lezama in Cannes, the festivals are also a place for political demonstration

5 disappointing endings of successful series

Game of Thrones was not the only series with a disappointing outcome. WARNING: there are spoilers of 5 series, so if you read the name of the show and you have not seen it, we recommend you continue to the next one

Disney announced the calendar of its films until 2027

Disney confirmed all the films it will make in the coming years. Among them, there is a new trilogy of Star Wars and four more movies of Avatar

How much do you know about Disney?

If you are a Disney fan, measure your knowledge with this quiz

Controversy at Cannes: Alain Delon and the petition against his award

The Cannes film festival already has a long history of controversy. The last one is the critique towards the honorific award that was granted to Alain Delon


YouTube quits the competition against Amazon and Netflix

The platform announced that now its original series will be available for free as of 2020

The portrait of a psychopathic artist in 'The House that Jack Built'

In a comedy key, the last film by Lars von Trier shows different episodes in the life of Jack, an American serial killer who always get away with muder

'Case Colmenares': the unsolved crime that Netflix adapted

The second part of the series Crime Diaries: Night Out caused controversy when talking about a topic as recent and unresolved as it is the 'Case Colmenares'

Everything you need to know about El Marginal 3

El Marginal will have a third season. Here we will show you all the details of the new part of San Onofre's prison drama

MUICA: a contact with African cinema

The traveling African Film Festival launches its third version and will reach the screens of cities such as Cali, Bogotá, Cartagena and Buenaventura during the month of May

Childhood and the fable in "El tamaño de las cosas"

The second short film by Carlos Montoya, winner of the Generation K Plus special prize, premiered at Tonalá Cinema as part of Bogoshorts Sessions


Netflix is not enough for you anymore? Meet these streaming platforms

Even though its content library is huge, Netflix has a limited offer from which you can escape with these streaming platforms


Netflix's Our Planet: are we already immune to environmental documentaries?

Netflix has launched its new documentary series: Our Planet. How effective are these documentaries in the conscience of caring for the planet?