The famous book 'Brave New World' comes to television

Brave New World, the science fiction classic, will reach the small screen with a delivery of 10 episodes

FICCI: Interview with Rubén Mendoza

Two days after his speeches and screening at the opening, we met Rubén Mendoza to talk about his film

These are the winners of the India Catalina Awards

On March 10, the India Catalina Awards were presented in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. Here we tell you who the winners were

The photographer of Mauthausen, the holocaust from another perspective

Netflix has premiered on its platform the story of the Catalan photographer Francesc Boix and his imprisonment in Mathausen

How is the female inclusion behind the screen in Hollywood?

In recent years we have seen more female stories on the screen. However, on International Women's Day, we wonder if the same thing happens behind the camera

Everything we know about The Irishman

The Irishman will be the new movie by the famous director Martin Scorsese and is perhaps one of the most anticipated of the year. Here we tell you everything that is known so far

FICCI 59: winds of change in this new edition of the festival

In its 59th edition, the FICCI premieres artistic director, includes more categories such as afro and indigenous cinema and eliminates official competition


What's new on Netflix for March

These are the premieres that are coming for March on the Netflix streaming platform

The list of the Oscar winners, commented

We bring you the list of winners of the Oscar Awards with comments and figures on this year's awards

5 movies you should see if you're a first-time parent

If you are a new parent, take the time between dirty diapers and tantrums at midnight to see these movies with which you will feel identified

Countdown to the Oscars: Green Book

Our last review of this countdown to today's ceremony. These are some notes about Green Book

Countdown to the Oscars: Roma

In the pre-Oscar's last week we present  you this review of Rome, the most nominated film

Countdown to the Oscars: BlacKkKlansman

Maybe this year will Spike Lee finally win his well-deserved Oscar. Here are some notes about his latest movie: BlacKkKlansman

Countdown to the Oscars: The Favourite

The new film by Greek Yorgos Lanthimos is next on our countdown to the Academy Awards

Countdown to the Oscars: A Star Is Born

The third time's the charm? This is our review of the Oscar nominee, A Star Is Born , the second remake of the 1937 musical

Countdown to the Oscars: Bohemian Rhapsody

The second review of our countdown to the Academy Awards arrives. This time it's about the biopic inspired in Freddie Mercury's life

Countdown to the Oscars: Black Panther

We will review the 8 films nominated for Best Film by the Academy this year. Black Panther will be the first of this special

7 movies to watch before the Super Bowl

This coming Sunday, February 3, the final of the NFL will be played. We present you these films that you can see before the big game

The craziest theories of your favorite movies

Because of the premiere of the fourth episode of the third season of True Detective, we present some mysteries that the fans have solved

Mil Colmilllos: the first Colombian HBO series

After 15 years of productions in Latin America, HBO will premiere its first Colombian series