Screenshot of the trailer for 'The Queen of Flow'.

La Reina del Flow wins the first Emmy for Colombia

The Colombian soap opera stood out at the International Emmy ceremony, which rewards television outside the United States

Still from the trailer of the movie 'The Irishman'.

Will Netflix get an Oscar with The Irishman?

Today is The Irishman's premiere on Netflix , we have seen it on the big screen and has everything to beat Rome

Screenshot of Netflix's 'Wild District' trailer.

5 reasons why any Colombian should watch Distrito Salvaje on Netflix

Within the framework of the National Strike, and also taking advantage of the premiere of the second season, here are the reasons why Colombians should give it a chance

Posters of the films 'Selma', 'The night of pencils' and 'Dreamers'.

6 movies to watch on protest days

In these days of protest, we bring you this list of ideal movies to watch and reflect on the social manifestation.

Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video's 'The man in the high castle' trailer.

The Man In The High Castle: The Farewell of the Nazis from the small screen

The world created from the work of Philip K. Dick comes to an end as its fourth season was just released on Amazon Prime .

Screenshot of the trailer for the series 'Hernán'.

Hernán: the ambitious series that promises to dazzle viewers

The story of the Spanish conqueror comes to the small screen in a titanic production 

Scene from the movie 'The Road: A Breaking Bad Movie'.

'El Camino': the movie that Breaking bad deserves

The film shows that good stories can have well-made sequels.

Intro screenshot of Marvel Studios.

Marvel movies: are they cinema or not?

Martin Scorsese's statements against superhero movies have unleashed a wave of reactions in the cinephile community: some support him and others criticize him .

Scene from the movie: 'The Joker'

The Joker: the movie is beautiful, painfully beautiful

I looked forward to the premiere of The Joker, the film by Todd Philipps, for the very favorable reviews it has received. I finally watched it and I was shocked.

Brazilian production scene 'Pacified'

Historic: "Pacified" won Golden Shell

The Brazilian film was awarded as the best film at the San Sebastian Film Festival in its 67th edition

Scene from the movie 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' by Marvel and Sony

The Disney vs. Sony war has ended

After months of rivalry, the heads of Disney and Sony have reached an agreement as to the future of Spider-Man

Scene from HBO's 'Silicon Valley' series.

Don't miss these 5 HBO and Netflix releases

If you are an addict to watching series, some of the most anticipated releases of the year arrive in October.

Filmmaker Nora Fingscheidt at the Berlinale 2019

Filmmaker Nora Fingscheidt: "It's a good time for female directors"

With her first film, German director Nora Fingscheidt directly competed in this year's edition of the Berlinale.

Scene from the series 'The Crown'.

Netflix chief says 'The Crown' will look a bargain after streaming explosion

"The Crown" won critical acclaim and has helped Netflix to build its subscriber base

Intro of the series 'Friends'

Top 10 best phrases of Friends

Exactly 25 years ago, one of the most important tv shows in the history of American television was released: Friends

NBC company logo.

The NBC Universal streaming service will be launched in 2020

NBC Universal, from Comcast Corp's, will call its streaming service "Peacock," which will offer an extensive list of original content

Scene from the movie: 'Monkeys'

Why you should watch 'MONOS'

I am not a film expert, but as a spectator, I consider it a movie to watch. It is, perhaps, one of the best films made in Colombia


Netflix will premiere the series "Monarca"

The series was produced by Salma Hayek and premieres within the framework of the celebrations of national independence in Mexico

Trailer from the movie

What is the new Scarlett Johansson's movie about?

"Marriage Story" is a project the Hollywood actress said she felt was "fated" for her

Colombian singer, Shakira

Shakira takes El Dorado World Tour to cinema

The film includes unpublished scenes and shows the efforts that were necessary to take the production through 22 countries