Still from the movie 'Alive'

"Vivo": The Animated Netflix Movie that Takes Us From Cuba to Miami

Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, and Lin-Manuel Miranda join forces in this production full of color, music, and emotion

Frame from the film 'Old'

Old: The New Film by Gael García that Ventures into Philosophical Horror

The prestigious director of the Unbreakable trilogy returns with a suspense film with a tone as disturbing as it is fascinating

Still from the trailer for the movie 'Venom: Carnage Freed'

"Venom 2": An Expansion of the Spider-Man Universe?

These are all the details we know so far about the sequel to one of Marvel's most beloved antiheroes

Still from the film 'House of Gucci'

"House of Gucci": A True Story Full of Lies, Betrayal and Death

The new production from director Ridley Scott features the participation of great actors and actresses. Here we tell you all the details

Frame from the film 'Jungle Cruise'

Why can't you miss “Jungle Cruise”, the Latest Disney Film?

The film, starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, is available in theaters and on Disney Plus

Still from the movie 'Dune'

"Dune": A Stark Vision of Our Future Days

The film is based on the play that Frank Herbert wrote in the 1960s and has several books

Frame from the new Chucky series

Prepare for Chucky's return to television

At the recent Comic-Con, the trailer for the new Chucky series, which will be released soon, was presented

Still from the series 'Atypical' and 'The Good Doctor'

How is Neurodiversity Represented on the Screen? 5 Recommendations

Neurodiversity is one of the contemporary concepts that have acquired the most relevance in society, giving us to understand that their neurological conditions do not represent a disability, but a different way of seeing and understanding the world

Still from the reality show 'Queer Eye' and 'The Circle'

5 Reality Shows To Watch After ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’

On July 27, Keeping Up With The Kardashians Ended. Here Are Some Of Its Possible Replacements

Still from the series 'The Director' and 'Nine Perfect Strangers'

The Most Anticipated Releases on Streaming Platforms for the Month of August

During the month of August, streaming platforms do not disappoint and bring unmissable premieres

Still from the series 'Okupas'

This is why you Can't Miss Okupas: one of the Best Argentine Series Coming to Netflix

With some changes, this successful Argentine series, considered one of the best productions in the history of this country, lands on the streaming platform

Frame from the film 'Race'

Olympics: Five Incredible Stories that Made it to the Movies

We present you several must-see recommendations for you to enjoy during the Tokyo Olympics

Still from the movie 'The Suicide Squad'

Everything You Need to Know Before Watching "The Suicide Squad"

"The Suicide Squad" is written and directed by James Gunn, who has gained worldwide recognition after directing the hit series "Guardians of the Galaxy" for Marvel Studios.

Valle del Cocora in Salento, Quindío, Colombia

Valle Del Cocora, Colombian Location for Disney Movie Encanto

Encanto tells the story of a unique family who lives in a house full of magic, situated in the glorious place in the mountains of Colombia. But what exact region within Colombia inspired the creators of the movie?

Frame from the movie 'Titane'

"Titane": The Shocking and Controversial Winner of the Palme d'Or for the Best Film of 2021

The 74th edition of this ceremony gave us the celebration of a great film that shows that cinema, little by little, takes its course again

Still from the film 'Coach Carter'

5 Basketball Movies to Watch after Space Jam 2

Once again, basketball reawakens the interest and nostalgia of film audiences worldwide with the premiere of Space Jam A New Legacy

Still from the trailer for 'The Walking Dead'

Why did The Walking Dead Deteriorate its Quality?

The Walking Dead was known to be a cult series and a mass phenomenon. However, the drop in the level made many viewers leave the series. Why?

Still from the film 'Colombiana' and 'Gemini'

Beyond "Encanto": How Is Colombia Represented In Foreign Cinema?

The Premiere Of the Trailer For Disney's "Encanto" Provoked All Kinds Of Reactions

Still from the series 'Monsters at work'

Monsters at Work: Pixar's First Big Series for Disney Plus

This sequel, which functions as a sequel to the incredible movie Monsters Inc, achieves its purpose by maintaining the essence of the film

Photo from the series 'House of Dragon'

"House of the Dragon": Everything We Know so Far

Artists continue to be added to the Game of Thrones prequel and is getting closer to being released