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What to pay attention to now that the Oscars have lost prestige?

It is a fact: the Oscars have lost prestige. The loss of interest of the audience for the Oscars gives rise to other alternative ways to discover good movies. What to consider?

Still from the movie 'Turning Red'

Turning Red, The New Pixar Film That Talks About Family Relationships

This film has recently been released on Disney + that talks about the changes suffered by people who enter the stage of adolescence. It seeks to break taboos about puberty and having to meet the expectations of adults. This is our review of "Turning Red"

Still from the movie 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'All the President's Men'

The Movies you Must see if you Liked "The Batman"

These recommendations go beyond superhero movies as we look at the various influences that inspired the film. These are the movies you should see if you liked "The Batman"

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Oscar Awards: Where to Watch the Winners for Best Picture in Streaming?

Where to watch the winners for Best Picture in streaming? We present a list of the streaming platforms where you can watch Oscar-winning movies in their main category

Still from the movie 'Belfast'

Oscars 2022: The tenderness of "Belfast"

"Belfast", by Kenneth Branagh, portrays a happy childhood in the midst of a violent context. It is nominated for 7 categories at the Oscar Awards. This is our review

Frame from the movie 'Elvis'

Baz Luhrmann's "Elvis": Everything You Need to Know

The film will star Austin Butler and Tom Hanks. This is all we know so far about Baz Luhrmann's Elvis, responsible for productions like "Moulin Rouge!" and “The Great Gatsby”

Still from the productions 'The Last Duel', 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', and 'Spencer'

Oscars 2022: 5 movies that weren't nominated for Academy Awards

The Best Picture category at the 2022 Oscars has very good candidates this year, but other great productions were also left out. Which of these should have been nominated for Academy Awards?

Frame from the movie 'The Batman'

Catwoman: An Iconic Character in the Batman Universe

Catwoman is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic characters in the Batman universe. What is its history and which actresses have represented it in the cinema?

Stills from the series 'House of Cards' and 'Man of the Year'

7 political dramas to watch this election week

Colombia will live a new day of legislative elections and for this, we have compiled 7 unmissable productions based on political dramas to marathon during that day

Still from the movie 'The Alley of Lost Souls'

Oscars 2022: New monstrosities in "Nightmare Alley"

Nominated for the Best Film category at the Oscars, "Nightmare Alley" is the new film by Guillermo del Toro. This is our review

Frame from the movie 'The Batman'

The Batman: The Film That The Superhero Needed

The new film, starring Robert Pattinson, is a refreshing and successful formula. Will it be the start of a popular franchise? This is our review of The Batman

Still from the movie 'West Side Story'

Oscars 2022: The validity of West Side Story

Another of our reviews arrives to the special dedicated to the films nominated for the Best Picture category at the 2022 Oscars. These are our impressions of Steven Spielberg's West Side Story

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Spirit Awards: Which films lead the nominations?

Prior to the 37th edition of the awards that recognize independent cinema, we recommend some of the films with the most nominations. These are our recommendations from the Spirit Awards.

Still from the movie 'Licorice Pizza'

Oscars 2022: Teenage Love at Licorice Pizza

A new review for our special dedicated to the Best Picture category of the Oscars. These are our impressions of Licorice Pizza.

Sam Levinson and a frame of Euphoria

Sam Levinson, What Has He Done Apart From Euphoria?

After the end of the second season of “Euphoria”, viewers were eager to learn more about this story

Frames of 'Spider Man: No Way Home' y 'Shang Chi y la Leyenda de los Diez Anillos'

How Have Comicbook Movies Fared In The Oscars?

We take a look back at the history of the Oscars to see which comic book movies have been nominated and won a statuette.

Frame of the movie 'CODA'

Oscars 2022: “CODA”, an Inclusive Story

CODA is the acronym in English for “son of deaf adults”, and this is the protagonist of this story. This is our review of “CODA”, the fifth in our special about the Oscar Awards.

Still from King Richard

Oscars 2022: “King Richard”, a producer of champions

“King Richard” is another of the Oscar nominees in the Best Picture category. To continue with our special, this is our review

Frame of the productions 'Moon Knight and Bridgerton'

March 2022: These are the Premieres of Netflix, Disney +, and Other Streaming

What surprises will March bring? Here we present the premieres of Netflix, Disney +, and more streaming services.

Still from the series 'Inventing Anna'

Review of "Inventing Anna": the Story of a Farce

The story of Anna Sorokin, a young woman posed as a German heiress and managed to finance a life full of luxury and extravagance. This is our review of “Inventing Anna”