Still from the series 'Queen's Gambit'

Golden Globes without Latin presence?

After a year full of uncertainty, the nominees for the 78th edition of the Golden Globe Awards were finally known. Is there a Latin presence?

Still from the productions 'Mank' 'The Chicago 7' and 'Nomadland'

Where can you see the films with the most nominations for the Golden Globes?

LatinAmerican Post brings you a list of the three films that will surely steal the spotlight during the 78th Golden Globes, on February 28

Frame from the movie Harry Potter

What more can be told in the Harry Potter series?

The possibility of new series of the magical world of JK Rowling raises expectations among fans

Michael Peña and Juan Pablo Raba

These are the Latinos in the Marvel universe

These Latin American actors and actresses have embodied characters in Marvel productions in movies to television series

Still from the trailer for the movie 'Dune'

The best film adaptations of books that will arrive in 2021

Books and cinema have a closer relationship than we think. Let's see the works that will arrive throughout this year

Billie Eilish, Still from the films 'To All the Boys: Forever' and 'Malcolm u0026 Marie'

Streaming releases for February 2021 (part II)

February will be a very important month for new content on the main streaming platforms. Let's see the details

Still from the series 'El Internado' and the documentary 'Pelé'

Streaming releases for February 2021 (part I)

The different streaming platforms will have a large amount of confirmed content for next month. Let's review the best for each in this first part

First look at Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil

Disney Has Ready New Versions of The Always Classics

Here are the most anticipated Disney remakes to watch in 2021.

Still from the trailer of the series 'Loki'

All about the new Marvel productions announced by Disney

The company of the most famouse mouse announced films, series and projects of the most important superhero franchise on the planet

Still from the movie 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

What went wrong in the latest Star Wars trilogy?

The success of "The Mandalorian" was a return to the origins of Star Wars. Why did the sequels couldn't catch the fans?

Hollywood sign

Are Latinos Ignored in Hollywood?

For some, the film world seems to exclude Latinos. However, it may also be the time to generate new opportunities

Person playing with chess pieces

The best chess movies

Given the global success of The Queen's Gambit, we decided to review some films that have this discipline as their main theme

Still from the trailer for 'The Lion King'

The 5 essential Disney Plus movies

Let's see the movies that are a must-watch

Stan Lee

Stan Lee's best cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU had a large number of cameos from the creator of most superheroes. Let's review the most iconic

Ryan Gosling and Edward Norton

Actors who were fired before their movies were released

The dismissal of Johnny Deep from Fantastic Beasts 3 is not the only case that occurred in Hollywood

Still from the trailer for the series 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier'

Everything we know about Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Marvel's production for Disney + is one of the most interesting premieres. Know what it is about

Still from the movie 'Soul'

Soul: Pixar's most mature movie and one of the best of 2020

The recent premiere of Pixar's new animated film shows why they always manage to reach the emotion of viewers

Still from the movie 'Shazam 2: The Black Adam Age'

Movies: Check out the DC release schedule!

Many fans await of several premieres of DC Comics productions

Still from the series 'Cobra Kai'

Cobra Kai Season 3: Why is it so successful?

The Karate Kid universe expands with this story that is having a huge wave of popularity. What is it that makes it so significant?

Person watching Netflix on his television

14 Streaming releases for this January

We take a look at the most prominent releases of series, films and documentaries from the main video-on-demand platforms for this month of January