Cover of the series 'The ins and outs of FIFA'

"FIFA Uncovered" or the chronicle of a tragedy foretold

Netflix had the perfect timing to bring out a documentary miniseries that lets us see that, for FIFA managers, soccer is the least of it. This is our review of "FIFA Uncovered"

Still from the movie 'Disenchanted'

Review of "Disenchanted": A fairy tale that remains valid

The magic of fairy tales returns in a witty story that is torn between comedy and drama. This is our review of "Disenchanted."

Still from the series 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story'

"Monster": the Possible Serial Killers that Will Follow Jeffrey Dahmer

Netflix made official the renewal for two more seasons of its anthological series "Monster". Who could be those next monster figures to replace Jeffrey Dahmer?

Still from 'File 81', 'Resident Evil' and 'Saved by the Bell'

Series Canceled in 2022 by Netflix and Other Streaming Platforms

Both Netflix and Other Streaming Platforms Decided to Put an End to Several of their Projects. We Review which were Those Series Canceled During 2022

Still from the movie 'My Policeman'

"My Policeman": Harry Styles and the Portrait of Being Gay in 1950s England

Harry Styles returns to the cinema as the protagonist in “My Policeman”, a story that tries to represent what it meant to be gay in England in the middle of the last century

Still from the series 'Be eternal: Champions of America' and 'Goals against'

The 5 Unmissable Series Before the Qatar 2022 World Cup

How to Understand the Pressure Generated by a World Cup? We Leave 5 Series on How the Passion of Soccer Overflows to the Point of Being Stained with the Political and Criminal; or the Desperation to Achieve the Epic. These are the 5 Series you Must Watch Before the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Still from the film 'Argentina, 1985'

"Argentina, 1985": Jovial Justice in the Trial of the Juntas

The New Feature Film by Argentinean Santiago Miter has been Covered by the Media and Commented on by Film Critics. Now, it is Available on the Amazon Prime Video Streaming Platform. This is our Review of “Argentina, 1985”.

Poster for the movie 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'

"Black Panther: Wakanda Forever", a film that also highlights Latino talent

Up to seven Latin American figures will be part of the latest Marvel film in 2022. Who are they and what characters will they play in "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever"? We'll tell you then.

Frame from the movie 'Hocus Pocus'

“Hocus Pocus 2”: A Disappointment to Nostalgia

Despite its "Easter-eggs" and the Involvement of the Original cast, "Hocus Pocus 2" Disappointed fans of the Sanderson Sisters

Still from the series 'Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities'

From Guillermo del Toro to Netflix: A Cabinet of Curiosities

Netflix Premiered the Creation of Guillermo del Toro: A Horror Anthology with Literary Inspirations

Still from the series 'The White Lotus'

The Success Phenomenon of “The White Lotus”

HBO has always surprised with series successes that don't quite reach the 'mainstream', but are declared cult. It already happened with “The Sopranos”, “The Wire” or “Succession”, now it's the turn of “The White Lotus”.

Frame from the movie 'The Kings of the World'

"The Kings of the World": On Growing Up in Friendship

"The Kings of the World", by Colombian director Laura Mora, won the Golden Shell award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Now, it's on some Latin American billboards. This is our review

Still from the movies 'Titans', 'The Crown' and 'Disenchanted'

November Premieres in 2022: The Most Anticipated Productions on Streaming Platforms

The 11th Month of the Year and Christmas is Getting Closer. But Before Celebrating that Holiday, Check Out the Most Anticipated Releases of November on Streaming Platforms

Still from the series 'Lovecraft Country', 'Hannibal', 'Fear Street'

6 Horror Series you Must Watch on Halloween

It's Halloween! What are the Ideal Horror Series to Accompany this Time of the Year?

Still from the series 'Macondo'

First Look at “Macondo”, the Netflix Series based on “One Hundred Years of Solitude”

Netflix released the first trailer for the long-awaited series “Macondo”, based on the most famous book by Gabriel García Márquez

Frame from the series 'The Crown'

New Season of "The Crown": What Will Change After the Death of Queen Elizabeth II?

Fate Wanted Carlos to be King During the Installment of the Season of "The Crown" in Which he is Most Criticized. What Treatment will Netflix give the Series After the Death of Queen Elizabeth II?

Still from 'The House of the Dragon'

Season finale of "The House of the Dragon": This is just beginning

Between fire, blood, conspiracies, and dragons, the first season of "The House of the Dragon" was developed. Did its final episode live up to it? What will his next season bring us? Here we tell you.

Frame from the movie 'Halloween Ends'

Review of "Halloween Ends": The Final End of the Saga?

One of the Longest-running and Most Successful Horror Sagas in Cinema Seems to Have Come to an End. This is Our Review of "Halloween Ends"

Frames from 'the watcher' and 'dahmer'

The True Crime Genre: Netflix's Lifesaver?

Netflix is having one of the most favorable moments as a company thanks to true crime. Will it be enough to recover the thousands of lost subscribers?

Still from the movie 'The Luckiest Girl in the World'

"Luckiest Girl Alive": A Story About Injuries, Traumas and Victims on Netflix

This Netflix Production, Starring Mila Kunis, has Positioned Itself as one of the Viewers' Favorites. It Tells the Story of a Woman who must Face the Emotional Wounds that Violent Events have Caused Her. This is Our Review of "Luckiest Girl Alive"