Ridley Scott arriving at the presentation of the film 'Napoleon'

Ridley Scott takes over the Prado with 'Napoleon': “A blockbuster is like leading an army”

At Spain's Prado Museum, director Ridley Scott presented his film about Napoleon Bonaparte, analyzing the challenges of managing a colossal production while drawing parallels between filmmaking and leading an organized army.

Salma Hayek

Latino representation in film has not improved in 15 years

A new study by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative has found that Latino and Hispanic representation in top-grossing films has remained stagnant over the past fifteen years, with only 4.4% of actors in lead roles or secondary. Despite their presence and receiving better reviews, these films suffer from a significant lack of funding and representation behind the scenes, which keeps ethnic and cultural diversity in the film industry in a continuous shadow.


The Ibero-American Film Festival: A Cultural Bridge in the Heart of Egypt

Cairo and Alexandria become the stages for the vibrant showcase of Ibero-American cinema, opening a cultural dialogue through the universal language of film as the 11th Ibero-American Film Week commences in Egypt.

Frame of the movie 'Hurricane Season'

Elisa Miller's Obsession with the Source Novel of 'Hurricane Season'

Mexican filmmaker Elisa Miller delved into a world of obsession and artistic transformation as she adapted Fernanda Melchor's novel, "HUrricane Season," into a captivating film. Set to premiere at the Morelia International Film Festival, "Hurricane Season" explores a gritty reality that transcends borders, portraying a haunting love, violence, and human diversity narrative.

Frame from the movie 'Nyad'

A Netflix Movie Chronicles the Journey of a Swimmer Who Fearlessly Confronted a Cuba to Miami Swim

In the case of retired athlete Diana Nyad, sharks, jellyfish stings, tropical storms, navigation problems, and physical exhaustion were the obstacles that she encountered during her multiple tries in her early 60s to achieve the distinction of being the first individual to swim the 110-mile stretch from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a protective enclosure.

Merlina, Barbie, Elements

Check Out The 5 Most Popular Costumes For This Halloween

Whether because you don't want to repeat the costume or because you want to be fashionable, find out here about the most popular costumes for this Halloween 2023

Lionel Messi at Inter Miami

Messi Meets America: Lionel Messi's new series for AppleTV

Here we tell you everything we know so far about Messi Meets America, the new Messi series for AppleTV


Movies and poker: characters and strategies at the gaming table

 In this article, we will look at how poker is reflected in movies, what symbols and strategies are used at the gaming table, and what lessons can be learned from these movies

"Like Water for Chocolate", New HBO Series Based on the Novel by Laura Esquivel

HBO will make a television adaptation in series format of Laura Esquivel's acclaimed novel, "Like Water for Chocolate." We tell you everything that is known so far

Matilde Landeta

Matilde Landeta: Pioneer of Mexican Cinema and Women Filmmakers

Today the Google doodle pays tribute to Matilde Landeta and we will not miss the opportunity for you to learn about the life and work of this pioneer of Mexican cinema

Frame from the short 'Bogotá Story'

"Bogotá Story": Latin American Representation at the Venice Film Festival

"Bogotá Story", by Colombian Esteban Pedraza, is the only Latin American piece screened in the shorts section of the Venice Film Festival. The filmmaker spoke with EFE about the experience of representing the region in this prestigious festival

Protest at the Venice Film Festival

"Women, Life, Freedom": Venice Festival Expresses Solidarity with Iranian Women

A group of protesters called by the Venice Film Festival demonstrated this Saturday on the red carpet of the Palacio del Cine del Lido in solidarity with Iran, shouting "women, life, freedom"

Emma Stone in 'Poor Things'

Venice Film Festival: Emma Stone Shines In a Fable of Women's Liberation With the Lanthimos Label

"Poor things", the new film by Greek Yorgos Lanthimos, starring Emma Stone, has already been presented at the Venice Festival

Still from the series 'The body on fire', 'Sex Education', 'The Morning Show'

Do Not Miss Them!: These Are The 12 Most Anticipated Television Premieres for September

The final season of "Sex Education" is just one of the most anticipated premieres on streaming and television platforms for September

Still from the productions 'Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3', 'Only Murders in The Building', 'One Piece'

The 7 Most Anticipated Premieres of Streaming Platforms in August 2023

Start a new month and in LatinAmerican Post we bring you another guide to the most anticipated releases on streaming platforms

Still from the film 'Sound of Freedom'

"Sound of Freedom": Opinions Divided

The new U.S. film caused controversy due to the polarized opinions it generated among audiences. Here's what you should know about "Sound of Freedom".

Still from the film 'Oppenheimer'

"Oppenheimer" Review: Destruction as Achievement

Director Christopher Nolan takes audiences to the origin of the atomic bomb and the nuclear arms race through the story of the man who gave us the power to destroy ourselves. This is our review of “Oppenheimer”

Still from 'Barbie: The Movie'

"Barbie" Review: Did it Live Up to the High Expectations It Set?

"Barbie" swept through its box office earnings in just the first few days of release, but did it live up to the expectations it formed for nearly a year?

Still from the movie 'School of Rock'

Vacation is Over: 5 Back to School Movies

The vacations are ending, and we bring you a list of recommended movies to help you get ready. These are 5 back to school movies

Still from the movie 'Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment Part 1'

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1: Tom Cruise, the Living Manifestation of eEntertainment

Tom Cruise's flagship franchise returns with its most ambitious installment, so big it's been split into two parts. This is our review of “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1"