A lie written on a bus: this is the real cost of Brexit

An advertising piece, used by supporters of Brexit, aimed to show how expensive it is to remain in the European Union but leaving it has cost even more

The proposals and economic challenges of Nayib Bukele

37.8% of Salvadorans live in poverty, and Bukele plans to attack this problem by generating employment

What is the deal with China's zombie companies?

These companies have condemned the Asian giant's economic growth. Accumulated corporate debt could stop China

Wall's threats do not stop remittances

Despite the Trump government's anti-immigration rhetoric, 94.1% of remittances to Mexico come from the United States

What did the consumer confidence index leave?

The index measures confidence in personal finances, job security, and investment capacity, among others

Venezuela vs United States: the consequences for the economy

Maduro ended diplomatic relations with the US last Wednesday, although the rapture has not been executed, markets will suffer the consequences

Bolivia's economy: the key to Evo Morales reelection

Despite the political climate in Bolivia, the economic achievements of Evo Morales government testify the constant economic growth

The other side of the 10-year challenge: the Venezuelan economy

Inflation in 2009 closed at 25%, this year it will close at 10,000,000%, Venezuela's economy is unrecognizable from that of 10 years ago

Inflation in Argentina reached a historic peak

Even for a country in which inflation is considered almost a tradition, the increase registered in 2018 exceeded the expectations

What does the resignation of the President of the World Bank mean?

The twelfth president of the organization announced his resignation to start working in a private firm, what will happen now?



Can the Venezuelan economy survive another Maduro's term?

With economic sanctions accumulating and debt growing, Venezuela is running out of options to keep its economy afloat

Euro is turning 20! The rough path of the European currency

On January 1st, 1999 the world saw the introduction of the euro, since then the road has not been easy, but it laid solid foundations for the future

Bolsonaro's arrival gives security to Wall Street

Although Bolsonaro’s boisterous rhetoric worries many in Brazil and Latin America, those who are not worried are the investors

The IDB summary for the Latin American economy in 2018

The IDB forecasts a low performance for 2019, following the trend that developed during this year, there were only a few exceptions

China will become the world's largest economy

The International Monetary Fund has predicted that China, the largest of the BRICs, will displace the US as the world's leading economy by 2030

A country without a sea: How much does it cost?

Bolivia and Paraguay, two of the 44 landlocked countries in the world, have faced considerable difficulties due to their geographical condition

'El Tren Maya': the most ambitious tourist project in the region

One of the flagship projects of AMLO in Mexico is a "tourist and cultural" train that connects the main destinations of the Mayan world

It was not a 'Goodyear' for multinationals in Venezuela

The prestigious tire company Goodyear announced last week that it would abandon all its operations in Venezuela, joining other multinationals

What is the Big Mac Index?

From the sale of McDonald's Big Mac worldwide, you can obtain data on the cost of living in each country and the development of their currencies

Labour reform in Peru: will workers' holidays be affected?

A new labur reform in Peru could affect workers' vacation days

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