Woman of Pakistan

Pakistani Women and Their Future in the Digital Economy

Since 2020, a global digital organization promotes social prosperity by intervening and developing the digital economy in Pakistan.

Women in business

Is Latin America Moving Forward in Terms of Gender Equity?

The will and effort made by women in local spaces is a reality and the ideal way to move towards parity.

Piggy bank with dollar bills

Could the New Variant Of The Coronavirus Affect The Latin American Economy?

Omicron, the new variant of the Coronavirus, has the world on alert and Latin America is not exempt from this tension

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

AMLO's Proposal Against Extreme Poverty Is Not As Utopian As It Seems

The Mexican president assured that if billionaires, companies, and countries cooperate, at least one trillion dollars could be collected. How viable is the idea raised by AMLO against poverty?

Joe biden

Will Biden's Infrastructure Plan Benefit Latinos?

The Biden infrastructure plan contemplates a historic investment in areas such as construction, transportation modernization, and the adoption of clean energy

Women laughing together

Sorority Opens Real Economic Growth

The support and backing of a large group of women is the key to closing the gaps and the success of the female gender. 

Millionaire woman

Tips From a Billionaire To Enjoy Wealth Sooner

Lewis Howes sat down with Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio to discover the secret to becoming wealthy at a reasonable age.

Woman using a laptop

The Figures in Latam and the Caribbean on Gender Equality Show Progress?

Workplace gender equality is important not just to achieve justice but because it has been associated with the overall economic performance of countries.

Hydrocarbon extraction machinery

Why Is the Rise In Oil Prices Not Benefiting Latin America?

Although the price of oil is already higher in relation to 2020, there are several countries in the region that do not see economic growth

Person writting on a blog

Tips for Generating Income With Your Blog

Learning to monetize your blog is not as hard as you might think. Here are some valuable tips to make a passive income blog.

Woman holding a pen

Microcredit Banks Will Not Reduce the Gender Gap In Banking

The opportunity to access a bank loan must be under the same conditions, both for men and women. The solution is beyond microcredit banks

Person holding three different cryptocurrencies

China Declares Cryptocurrency Transactions Illegal

How does this measure affect El Salvador, a country that has authorized Bitcoin as legal currency?

Woman packing her stuff in a box

The Phenomenon of Mass Resignations

Now that the pandemic is ending, reports of people abandoning their jobs are going up. Why is this new phenomenon happening?

Young african woman selling in a local african market holding a mobile

Connectivity: A New Economic and Educational Opportunity for Women

The female gender has a new economic power: Access to the internet. Public and private entities seek to reduce the gender digital divide with initiatives that allow women to develop in their personal and professional lives.

Woman mechanic

Undisputed Courage and Resilience of Women in Automotive Industry

This time we will talk about women in the automotive industry and publicize their initiatives and projects that make a difference.

Group of woman talking in a table

Female Employment in the Post-COVID Era

The advances of the violet economy and the promotion of equal opportunities for women and men guarantee social protection.

Residential buildings developed by Evergrande in Pingyuan

China Evergrande Crisis: How Does This Affect Latin America?

The Threat Of Bankruptcy Looming Over China Evergrande Not Only Affects the Chinese Real Estate Market

Person keeping a dollar in his wallet

Looking For A Raise? Apply These Five Psychological Tricks

Although it tends to be a somewhat stressful conversation, talking to your boss about a salary increase can be easy if you apply psychology to your advantage

People in an office

These Are The Faces Behind MLM Companies and Their Income

Multilevel companies also known as network marketing, have managed to impose themselves in the market thanks to their business model formed by a network of distributors who work independently.

Health personnel holding a vial of a vaccine

COVID-19: How Expensive Will the Third Dose be for Latin American Countries?

Although the WHO has not yet confirmed its need, several countries have already decided to take action on the matter and quote the third dose