Aerial view of a cargo port

The role of Latin America before Brexit

Find out which Latin American countries would benefit and which could be affected by Brexit

100 dollar bills

How will the increased printing of dollars affect Latin America?

The US economy always has effects on Latin America

Two people holding gifts

3 Useful Tips When Choosing a Gift

Finding the right holiday gift proves to be a challenge, especially with a couple of days left before Christmas. 

Mexican coin

Are Mexico's international reserves at risk?

Banco de México may buy the surplus in dollars that circulates in the territory, in order to increase its international reserves, but with the risk of facilitating money laundering

Water tap

Will Water Reach Unattainable Prices?

Water has joined both oil and gold on Wall Street. Now it is officially marketed. You may ask why, and the answer is climate change.

Older man walking down a street

The structural problem of pensions in LatinAmerica

Low pensions in Latin America are a problem that no government has been able to solve

People during a meeting

The Coronavirus Generates High Unemployment For Millennials

Millennials have been the most impacted generation due to the COVID-19 pandemic's financial crisis.

Happy couple sitting on floor with christmas bags

Tips to Stick to Your Holiday Budget

Christmas season can be a difficult time for your wallet, but it doesn't have to be like that.

Busy street in China

How do they do it? China recovers its economy after the pandemic

The country where the Covid-19 pandemic began begins to rise after a serious economic crisis

Person watching Netflix on his television

What is the type K recovery of the coronavirus crisis?

When the pandemic ends, there will be winners and losers in economic terms. Let's see what this situation would imply

Documents in folders

What are FinCEN Files and why is their leak outrageous?

The secret documents that put different entities of big banks in check could reveal some clues about Latin American corruption

Colombian banknotes

Latin American fiscal stimuli: necessary in times of pandemic?

The pandemic fueled the gap in social inequalities, accentuating the decline of the Latin American economy

Hand holding dollars

What is the "cepo al dólar"?

It is a fairly popular economic policy in Latin America, but many people do not know what it consists of

Doctor holding a vaccine with syringe

COVID-19 vaccine nationalism could cost world up to $1.2 trillion: New RAND Europe study

Study shows global access to COVID-19 vaccines is best for world's health and wealth

Senior adult holding a shoe

The elderly are taking increasingly precarious jobs

The world economy is going through a major change, let's see how it affects the new jobs for seniors

Person holding banknotes

A circular economy could save the world's economy post-COVID-19

A more sustainable model based on circular economy framework could help the world recover financially from COVID-19

Calculator on sheets of paper

The problem of tax evasion in Latin America

Economic problems are intensifying in Latin America due to the coronavirus, but tax evasion remains structural

Oil extraction machinery

Petrobras expects to maintain its production levels in Brazil

The Brazilian company decided to maintain its goal of producing an average of 2.7 million barrels of oil and natural gas by the end of 2020

Merchandise in port

An economic retrospective of the last years in Latam

International organizations such as the World Bank and ECLAC trust a recovery by 2021

View of ruins in the San Bernardo neighborhood in Bogotá

3 myths about the middle class in Latin America

Social classes have always been marked by prejudices and in some countries there are misconceptions about the middle class