Fiscal performance in Latam is starting to improve

In much of Latin America and the Caribbean, fiscal performance is set to improve from this year, after a period of sharp deterioration in recent years

Mercosur, Pacific Alliance and Trump

Mercosur and Pacific Alliance summit will address potential convergence and Trump's protectionism

Venezuela: land of wanting

Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism - Venezuela's Breakfast Now Costs More Than A Day's Work

Uruguay's budget deficit 4% of GDP in 2016

Uruguay's budget deficit reached 4% of GDP during 2016, equivalent to US$ 2.043bn, the worst performance since 1989, according to the latest figures released by the government's stats office, INE.

Chile’s jobless rate near year low, self-employment rises

Some 80,000 jobs were created in Chile last year. That compares to 200,000 jobs created when the economy of the top copper exporter was booming in 2011.

Cuba's economy contracts in 2016

Castro condemns “obsolete mentality” against foreign capital, as economy contracts. In his speech, Castro appealed to a combination of foreign capital investment and austerity to bring about the 2% economic growth