Where are the resources for Colombia's post-conflict?

The Office of the Prosecutor demonstrates irregularities with money destined to finance projects and repair victims

Colombia: Does the Venezuelan exodus produce more insecurity and unemployment?

Higher costs on the public health system and informality are the consequences of the massive Venezuelan migration

"Green Gold": The lucrative business of organized crime in Mexico

How do drug traffickers begin to control the production and distribution of the avocado that leaves Mexico?

New monetary reconversion in Venezuela?

The bolivar stops being strong to become sovereign

Is the dollarization a viable solution for Latin America?

More than 15 years ago, Ecuador and El Salvador made the dollar the official currency of their economies

Latin America: Territory of real estate failures for Trump?

Why a luxury hotel in Panama decided to withdraw the name of the president?

Europe: Chinese Yuan is replacing US dollar

Europe’s central banks are starting to replace United States’ currency reserves for the Asian yuan

Venezuelan Petro: Between doubt and uncertainty, the cryptoactive emerges

The Latin American country aspires to become a global leader by taking innovative advantage of the value of its mineral resources through a cryptocurrency

British citizens could receive £10,000 from the government

A UK think tank has proposed unconditional payments for all citizens under 55 as a step towards a Universal Basic Income

Argentina: Can Macri beat inflation?

In 2017, inflation in Argentina closed at 25% due to a number of adjustments in various sectors such as transportation and utilities

Venezuela seeks help from Russia to revive its oil industry

PDVSA does not have enough dollars to buy oil due to chronic underinvestment

Germany: A 28 hours work week?

A German industrial union set a precedent after negotiating a deal that privileges working conditions over wages

Latin America: Is there a solution for economic inequality?

11 of the 20 countries with the highest economic inequality in the world are in South America

What are the richest Latin American nations?

According to World Bank studies, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil are the countries with the highest per capita wealth in the region

Bogota is the leader in resettlement policies

What is more economical, to repair the damage or prevent tragedies?

Argentine President Mauricio Macri in 2015

Argentina: A new year to explore the Lithium Boom

Argentina is taking aggressive steps to attract international investors that will impriove its lithium industry

Why are countries banning Bitcoin?

There are already 11 nations in the world applying strict regulations against cryptocurrency

How much did natural disasters cost in 2017?

Last year will go down in history as the year that managed to beat 2005 in billions of dollars in economic losses that could have been avoided

Why remittances from US to Mexico set new record?

Why remittances from US to Mexico set new record?

A widespread deportation fear could be motivating the large sending of money

minimum wage in Latam

Latin America: how was the minimum wage increased for 2018?

In nations such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Bolivia, the average minimum wage will be USD $355 per month for 2018