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Pension: How to Counteract the Impact of the Aging of the Population in Latin America?

LatinAmerican Post brings an explanation of what countries like Norway, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, including China, have done to find a balance between their retirement system and the threat posed by the increase in life expectancy among their inhabitants

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The Megaprojects that Will Change the Face of Latin America in 2023

The region, whose growth has been consistent and stable in the last decade, is faced with planning, carrying out and finishing large infrastructure works that will help improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, in addition to becoming synonymous with architectural innovation, engineering and sustainable development

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Will Young Latinos Have A Pension When They Get Old?

The debate always remains open when it comes to pensions. A good number of young people consider this saving for old age as an illusion due to the increasing retirement age, the number of weeks contributed, and the aging of the population, which would prevent a good stable allowance in the last stage of their lives.

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ECLAC: "We are ending the second lost decade"

The latest ECLAC report ensures that the region's economic growth will slow down even more in 2023.

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How Much Should The Salary Increase After A Year Of Inflation?

In LatinAmerican Post we explain what are the variables to take into account for salary increases in a country, especially in a year as convulsed as 2022. What would happen if the salary exceeds the productive capacity of a nation?

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How Is Prodata Energy? the Venezuelan Company that Will Be Able to Supply Gas to Colombia

Prodata Energy will be in charge of supplying Venezuelan natural gas to northern Colombia. What is the business like and who will be in charge of it?

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US $3.2 million a month Elon Musk intends to earn with verified Twitter

After knowing the purchase of Twitter by the tycoon, Elon Musk has announced several actions so that his new acquisition is one of his possessions that gives him more resources.

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Upward devaluation: the dollar against other Latin American currencies

A scenario of David against Goliath against the threat of inflation and the rise of the dollar. Advantages and disadvantages of the increase in the price of the US currency

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Women's Life and Liberty, the Cry in Iran Supported by Meghan Markle

In an event organized by Women@Spotify, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Essex wore a T-shirt with the slogan Women, Life and Freedom written in Farsi

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The 3 Best Destinations to Be a Digital Nomad in Latin America

New technologies increase remote work, and this has caused an increase in digital nomads. These are the 3 best destinations in Latin America to live and work remotely

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Infographic: How Expensive Is Gasoline In Latin America?

The President of the Colombian Government, Gustavo Petro, warns that there is a deficit of 10 billion pesos and that he must dismantle the gasoline subsidy

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What Is The Theory Of Degrowth? Gustavo Petro's Development Proposal

The Minister of Mines and Energy of Colombia, Irene Vélez, was the target of criticism and memes for proposing the degrowth theory. But what is it really about?

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Why Is There a Fear of a New Real Estate Bubble?

Experts fear that the rise in interest rates is creating the ideal scenario for a new real estate crisis in the United States, similar to the one experienced in 2007



Tax the Churches? This is How It Works in the World

The collection of taxes from churches has always been an issue that has generated controversy, and today it is being debated in the tax reform in Colombia. Let's see below how the panorama is around the world

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The Devaluation of the National Currency Is Increasing the External Debt in Latin America

Currency devaluation and external debt are wreaking havoc on the economy of Latin American countries, a region that lives in constant trouble

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Franca Ovadje Leads Equality for African Women

Meet in The Woman Post Franca Ovadje the Afro-descendant woman who leads the new world with the issue of gender equality for women in Africa.

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Why Is the Price of the Dollar Increasing in Latin America?

The price of the US currency is breaking records in several countries. Why is the dollar rising?

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7 Tips To Improve Your Finances

Not only by saving and measuring expenses do you balance your finances. 

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All-time Low Euro: the Latin Countries That Will Suffer The Consequences

With the low price levels of the euro, compared to the dollar, these are the Latin countries that may suffer the most

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Courageous Women Who Fight for the Future of Their Families

Girls learn from women their behaviors, attitudes, and work and family commitments because they are the changes and transformations of the future.