The Venezuelan crisis affects Colombia’s economic growth

If Nicolás Maduro perpetrates his presidential period, the economic growth in Colombia would slow down in 2019. Moody's warns that the crisis can transcend borders

No more cheap gasoline: The end of the energy subsidy in Venezuela

The economic crisis in Venezuela will force to reduce the subsidies of the population, in order to fight inflation. There are still doubts about whether it will work

Guatemala: One of the most unequal Latin American economies has the lowest unemployment rate

The unemployment rate stands at an admirable 2.7%, but the richest 1% of the country has income equal to the sum of the poorest 40%

3 extreme measures: Maduro's “insane” responses to the crisis

Thanks to the increasingly serious economic crisis in the country, the Venezuelan government has instituted measures that can be called "strange" and "irresponsible"

Sao Paulo, the most expensive city for foreigners in Latin America

How is the cost of living in a city determined according to the Mercer ranking?

Infrastructure will be the focus of the Latin Americans of the CAF Conference in Madrid

Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru are the countries where a greater increase in investment is expected

Oil, treaties, and stock: The doubts surrounding the government of López Obrador

International markets will be cautious with AMLO and you should do the same if you have invested in Mexico

Venezuela: The impact of increasing the minimum wage, beyond the crisis

The Venezuelan government ordered that the minimum wage will be tripled, but this measure will not reduce the effects of the crisis

Financial shocks and earthquakes: These are the riskiest cities in Latin America

Mexico City stands out as the city that has more economic production than losing before 22 natural and human threats

New OPEC pact: will the oil market be stabilized?

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ordered an additional 1 million barrels a day, a 1% increase over the current supply that can change the course of the oil-producing countries

For how long will Latin America depend on oil?

The reserves of Colombia could end in less than 5 years, while those of Ecuador would end in less than two decades

How much can a high homicide rate cost Latin America?

It is estimated that the rate of homicides in Brazil has cost 120 billion dollars a year in lost productivity

Fiscal reform must be a priority for the economies of Latin America

According to the World Bank, the fiscal deficit is the greatest challenge for the economies of Latin America, since it makes it difficult to leave behind the recession

China closes the money tap to Venezuela

The Asian giant closes the tap of the credit to the Bolivarian country for its economic and political instability

Venezuela: Is dollarization doable?

This proposal can be very risky for a country that needs reconstruction

Why did Standard & Poor's lower Bolivia's credit rating?

The rating agency decreased Bolivia's rating as a result of a continuous trade deficit

The devaluation of the Latin American currencies can be traced to Argentina

The first week of May brought a strong devaluation of the main South American currencies, the volatility of the Argentine economy could be the trigger

The wealth of these five Latin millionaires exceeds the GDP of entire countries

How much does the wealth of these magnates surpass the GDP of South American nations?

Where are the Latinos who have left their country?

More than half are in the US and those who travel to rich countries tend to be more educated

Bolivia will receive 575 million euros to improve the lives of its citizens, courtesy of the EU

With the help of Europeans and without abandoning coca, Bolivia has managed to get a large part of the population out of poverty

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