Woman and man looking each other

How Is the World Going on Pay Equity?

The law of equal pay will lead companies to register their wages and ensure equality.

Man sitting on coins

How will Latino governments get out of the post-covid economic crisis?

The economic crisis resulting from the pandemic must be attacked by governments with economic reforms

Man and woman at an office

Is the Global Gender Gap Closing?

Every year, the World Economic Forum publishes the Global Gender Gap Report, which examines the disparities in Economic Participation.

Adriana Cárdenas, New General Manager of Visa in Colombia

Adriana Cárdenas, Managing One of the Ten Best Credit Cards

Visa Inc, the global consortium for digital payments, published that Adriana Cárdenas is its new general manager at the Colombia headquarters.

Angela Merkel, Christine Lagarde, and Ursula Von der Leyen

Meet Three Women Economists Who Are Redefining the Capitalist Economy

Three women with invaluable success in global leadership are restructuring the capitalist economy in a unique way. 

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Companies Committed to Equal Pay Between Genders

The gender wage gap is a reality that cannot be denied.

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Are Women More Analytical To Make Decisions?

There is a lot of pressure when making a decision, and in that women differ from men. What happens when adrenaline rushes through your body? 

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Bridging the Gender Gap in the Finance Sector

Women's financial inclusion ends up being a form of social inclusion; therefore, public and private actors need to put it at the center of their agenda.

Currency 'Etherium'

Why Ethereum could be the "Bitcoin of the future"?

In times where Bitcoin is positioned as the most important digital asset in the world, it is convenient to start knowing its main alternative

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

Does Maduro have oil to buy vaccines?

Venezuela's oil sector, which at some point gave an orientation to the country for a long time, has been permanently paralyzed

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Investment Towards Women Ensures Economic Recovery

The IDB discussed the importance of reducing financial inequality as a strategy to reactivate the economy in Latin America.


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Getting Investors for Your Business Idea

Starting a business itself is complex, and the phase of getting investors and funds to launch your business is one of the hardest ones.

Person in front of closed shops

Why is the economic impact of the pandemic so serious in Latin America?

The economic figures for the region are truly terrifying, even compared to other parts of the world. Let's see why

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

The Breakdown of Paradigms in the World Trade Organization

Ngozi Okonjo was appointed Director-General of the World Trade Organization; the first woman and representative of the global south. 

Melinda gates

Admirable Efforts that are Changing the World

Philanthropic efforts to alleviate the life of those who need it is a privilege that generous wealthy women feel happy to contribute.

Carlos Menem in 1991

How did Menem manage to defeat hyperinflation?

The death of the former Argentine president allows us to remember his successes and failures during his Government

Woman wearing glasses

The Key to Economic Recovery Lies in Female Empowerment

Is the pandemic an opportunity to open our eyes as a society towards gender equality?

Gustavo Petro and Banknotes from Colombia

Printing cash as a solution to the COVID19 crisis is possible, but risky

Gustavo Petro, Colombian leftist leader, proposed to issue banknotes to counteract the inflation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Colombia

Flags at the UN headquarters in Geneva

Latam: a bleak outlook for accomplish the UN's 2030 goals

With more than 100 million cases of contagion by COVID-19 worldwide, it is necessary to analyze whether the progress objectives established by the UN for 2030 can be accomplished

Joe Biden and Xin Jinping

Are we on the brink of a new Cold War?

The Biden administration shows no clear intentions to reduce the tension between China and the United States that he inherited from Donald Trump