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How Could Latin America Benefit From the Ukraine Conflict?

The rumors of war between NATO and Russia could mean, indirectly, a respite in the economy of the oil-producing countries in the region. These would be the consequences of a possible conflict in Ukraine

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5 Career Options After Acquiring a Degree in Criminal Justice

Obtaining a criminal justice degree can assist students in developing the abilities essential to be successful in any endeavor involving the pursuit of justice.

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How the Default in Argentina Will Affect the Countries of the Region?

The crisis that the southern government is experiencing with the IMF should not be seen as a problem that only interests that country. The non-payment of the debt or default of Argentina can cause damage to Latin America

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The most devalued currencies in Latin America in 2021

After the second year of the pandemic, many Latin economies were hit. These are the most devalued currencies in Latin America in 2021

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Gallery: The 7 Latin Economies That Will Grow The Most In 2022

Despite the pandemic, several Latin economies hope to grow their numbers and to be able to have an accelerated economic reactivation

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Coming Trends for the Economy of Creativity

The creator economy is a term that was born after influencers started monetizing their content in exchange for advertisements, mentions, or views. Now is one of the fastest-growing economies. How did it happen?

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Who Is the Most Powerful Woman Right Now?

MacKenzie Scott, philanthropist and the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has become the most powerful woman in the world, replacing former German chancellor Angela Merkel.

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There Is No Reason for Women Having Lower Salaries

Do you wonder what is currently going on with careers and gender equality? Besides, if there are more prepared women, why are they not in the labor market?

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The Pandemic Did Not Reduce Informality In Latin America, It Hid It

Informality in Latin America is a key issue that countries must address to overcome the economic crises left by COVID-19

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Pakistani Women and Their Future in the Digital Economy

Since 2020, a global digital organization promotes social prosperity by intervening and developing the digital economy in Pakistan.

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Is Latin America Moving Forward in Terms of Gender Equity?

The will and effort made by women in local spaces is a reality and the ideal way to move towards parity.

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Could the New Variant Of The Coronavirus Affect The Latin American Economy?

Omicron, the new variant of the Coronavirus, has the world on alert and Latin America is not exempt from this tension

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

AMLO's Proposal Against Extreme Poverty Is Not As Utopian As It Seems

The Mexican president assured that if billionaires, companies, and countries cooperate, at least one trillion dollars could be collected. How viable is the idea raised by AMLO against poverty?

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Will Biden's Infrastructure Plan Benefit Latinos?

The Biden infrastructure plan contemplates a historic investment in areas such as construction, transportation modernization, and the adoption of clean energy

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Sorority Opens Real Economic Growth

The support and backing of a large group of women is the key to closing the gaps and the success of the female gender. 

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Tips From a Billionaire To Enjoy Wealth Sooner

Lewis Howes sat down with Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio to discover the secret to becoming wealthy at a reasonable age.

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The Figures in Latam and the Caribbean on Gender Equality Show Progress?

Workplace gender equality is important not just to achieve justice but because it has been associated with the overall economic performance of countries.

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Why Is the Rise In Oil Prices Not Benefiting Latin America?

Although the price of oil is already higher in relation to 2020, there are several countries in the region that do not see economic growth

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Tips for Generating Income With Your Blog

Learning to monetize your blog is not as hard as you might think. Here are some valuable tips to make a passive income blog.

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Microcredit Banks Will Not Reduce the Gender Gap In Banking

The opportunity to access a bank loan must be under the same conditions, both for men and women. The solution is beyond microcredit banks