Woman wearing mask at the supermarket.

Is 'Pico y Género' a care policy?

'Pico y género', a gender-based lockdown measure to control the spread of COVID-19, may strengthen the violence against transgender and intersexual people.

Prison regime in El Salvador.

State of emergency in Salvadoran prisons

Thousands of inmates in the prison centers of El Salvador are in total confinement, sitting one after the other, handcuffed and unable to move

Female scientist with a petri dish

Coronavirus: test are lacking in Latin America

The reason for the exponential increase in deaths in Ecuador may be due to the lack of access to diagnostic tests, which is happening throughout the region

Woman in the kitchen.

Does quarantine reinforce gender roles?

The total quarantine decreed in Colombia may reinforce the traditional gender roles and overload women with household and caring unpaid work.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico.

Coronavirus challenges Latin American governments

From network control to sectoral quarantines, these have been the hectic decisions of Latin American presidents.

View of a street in Quito, Ecuador.

Ecuador and Coronavirus: (un) expected crisis

Here is a summary of the situation Ecuador is going through in the midst of the global public health crisis

Covers on a computer.

Coronavirus: state of emergency in Latin America

Latin American countries have declared a state of emergency due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. What does this mean?

View of Villa 31 neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Argentina: 4 million people live in precarious conditions

That number corresponds to people who live living in slums, towns, and settlements in precarious conditions.



Woman wearing a mask.

Latin America against Coronavirus

The late arrival of the virus in the region allowed governments to prepare ahead of time and many are taking extreme prevention measures.

Illustration raised hands making sign of clenched fists.

Mexico: March 9, no women in the streets

After the massive marches on March 8, Mexican women continued to leave a message with the #ElNueveNingunaSeMueve campaign.

Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil.

Brazilian authorities leave Venezuela

After months of clashes between the two countries, Jair Bolsonaro decided to withdraw his diplomats from the neighboring country

Woman holding a pregnancy test.

Decriminalization of abortion in Colombia did not succeed

Colombian people were asking to decriminalize abortion during the first weeks of pregnancy but the Constitutional Court didn't approve it

Woman typing on a laptop.

Do you know what Latamleaks is?

Here we tell you everything you need to know about this platform to fight corruption in the region

Luis Lacalle Pou, President-elect of Uruguay.

The challenges of the new uruguayan president

After 15 years of leftist governments, Luis Lacalle Pou assumed the presidency on March 1 and promises a new direction in a polarized country

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