Protestors hold signs calling for justice and freedom for Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez

Salvadoran accused of abortion faces retrial, hefty sentence

It is the first retrial of an abortion case in a country that aggressively pursues legal cases against women who have experienced miscarriages and obstetric emergencies, accusing them of murder

Leader of the opposition of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó

The difficult role of the Venezuelan opposition

The figure of Guaidó is an image of optimism, but the uncertainty over whether he is the one chosen to overthrow Maduro grows more and more

Case of addresses of the company Rappi

The endless fight between deliveryman and Rappi

Venezuelan migration and contract types are some factors that have Rappi in the eye of the storm

A food server shows a Venezuelan arepa made with Colombian ingredients at the

Venezuelan migrants take arepas to new lands amid crisis

Humble street stalls and sit-down restaurants serving arepas are popping up throughout the streets of Colombia’s capital and in cities around the world

Alert in Colombia for suspected fungus in banana crops

Warning in Colombia due to suspicion of fungus outbreak in banana crops

By mid-2016, Colombia had expressed concern about the possible arrival of the fungus to its territory due to illegal migration from Asia and Africa

The first train using new equipment from China rides past, in Havana, Cuba

Cuba debuts modern Chinese train as rail overhaul begins

“It’s a blessing from God because we had to take this trip and private cars are very expensive, but we got a very good low fare and we are proud to be taking this train,” said a 69-year-old

Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rossello

Top Puerto Rican officials resign over profanity-laced chat

The comments had drawn the ire of many Puerto Ricans who said they were ashamed of his language and of how this might affect the reputation of the U.S. territory

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen shakes hands with Haiti's President Jovenel Moise

Taiwan president travels to Haiti to bolster relations in the region

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen visited Haiti in an attempt to bolster support in the region after Dominican Republic broke diplomatic ties with Taiwan last year

mujeres embarazadas haciendo fila en un hospital de caracas

As Venezuela's healthcare collapses, pregnant women, girls bear brunt of crisis

Unsanitary hospital conditions along with food and medical shortages had led to a rise in maternal mortality rates

Andrés Felipe Arias after AIS scandal

US extradites former Colombian agriculture minister

Andre Felipe Arias is accused of diverting funds that were supposed to be used by a government program while serving in that position.

Residents of a remote community catch a ride on the bed of a truck near

Amid fuel shortage, Venezuelan farmers worry about crops

Many farmers in the industry are confronting another hardship: fuel shortages

Canoe with two people sailing on the Rio Grande between the southern United States and northern Mexico

Crossing the border between hunger, the river and the desert

Around 110,000 people are arrested each year trying to enter the United States illegally, but hundreds of thousands more are able to reach their destinations

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro at a press conference

Maduro, Citgo and why countries that supported Guaidó are concerned

Beyond the decision of the US court, the countries that support Guaidó are more concerned about his leadership

Congressmen hold signs against Santrich during a plenary session in the congress, in Bogota

Former FARC leader's arrest sought in blow to Colombia's peace deal

Last year, U.S. authorities sought Hernandez's extradition on charges he helped smuggle 10 tonnes of cocaine to the United States in 2017

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