Ships in the Panama Canal

How The Crisis In Panama Puts World Trade At Stake

Currently, the Central American country is experiencing its biggest protests in recent decades. Commercial communication routes are the most affected. How does the crisis in Panama affect world trade?

David Racer

Colombia opens a Congress like none in its history

The new Colombian congress was installed yesterday, July 20, independence day, with a large center-left majority.

France Marquez and Gustavo Petro

What Do Businessmen Think of Gustavo Petro and His Next Government in Colombia?

Petro was, without a doubt, the candidate that Colombian businessmen saw as a great threat to the economy before the presidential elections. How do they see him now that the leader of the left has been appointed as president of Colombia?

Protests in Panama

Breaking News: Panama Begins its 3rd Week of Protests

The Protesters and the Government of President Laurentino Cortizo had Reached an Agreement, but then it Fell Apart. The Executive Warns of Risks of Shortages in Several Cities of the Country

Gabriel Boric

Which Ideas of Boric's Tax Reform Could Petro Apply To Colombia?

Colombia is on the verge of a new tax reform. Here we analyze which ideas Gustavo Petro could apply from those proposed by the government of Gabriel Boric

Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina

Crisis in Argentina: Alberto Fernández Sinks

The crisis in Argentina leaves Kirchnerism between a rock and a hard place and the right envisions a government opportunity in the next elections

Plane used in the Argentine dictatorship

The Infamous Story Of The Flights of Death: Why Were 4 Argentine Ex-Soldiers Convicted?

After 39 years of ending the last Argentine dictatorship, 4 soldiers were sentenced to life imprisonment for their participation in what is known as the death flights

marelen castle

Interview: Gustavo Petro's Cabinet Will Be Evaluated for Its Management: Marelen Castillo

LatinAmerican Post spoke with former vice-presidential candidate Marelen Castillo about her political future in the Colombian House of Representatives

Susana Muhaman, Alvaro Leyva and Cecilia Lopez

What Has Gustavo Petro Tried To Communicate With His New Cabinet?

In just a few weeks of being president-elect of Colombia, Gustavo Petro announced his new cabinet

Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua

Political Persecution of Critics of Daniel Ortega Increases

The Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, continues the political persecution of political opponents

Alvaro Uribe

What is the Future of Uribismo in Colombia Without the Figure of Álvaro Uribe?

The recent results in the presidential elections in Colombia put the entire right away from power for the first time in history


Gabriel Boric, Guillermo Lasso and Pedro Castillo

The Low Hours of the New Presidents in Latin America: Boric, Lasso and Castillo

The governments of Chile, Peru, and Ecuador have not had the approval of citizens despite the fact that they were elected just last year

Truth commission members

This Is How the War Was Lived in Colombia, according to the Final Report of the Truth Commission

The document includes the number of victims of crimes such as kidnapping, forced disappearance, extrajudicial executions, and forced displacement. It also defines who are the actors in the conflict and the importance of true reconciliation.

Truck in San Antonio, Texas

50 migrants dead on the border between Mexico and the United States

Among the fatalities, there are Mexicans, Guatemalans and Hondurans. Almost 20 people are yet to be identified.