Jeanine Añez, interim president of Bolivia during a conference.

Why did Bolivia break relations with Venezuela?

The interim government of Jeanine Áñez announced the decision last Friday, November 15

Monterrey from the Macro Flag on the Bishop's Hill

Nuevo León, the state of Mexico where homophobia prevails

The state of Nuevo León in Mexico is fighting an open battle against the LGBTIQ+ community, generating a problem before the State Human Rights Commission.

President Iván Duque in the appointment as new Minister of National Defense to Carlos Holmes Trujillo.

Carlos Holmes Trujillo is the new Minister of Defense in Colombia

The implementation of the peace agreements is one of Trujillo's challenges; and when not fulfilled, they are indicated as the reason why the violence returned.

Armchairs in front of desk in congress.

How are Colombian women doing in political participation?

The country is in urgent need for the consolidation of public policies of gender equality

Chapo Guzmán property auction.

These are the properties of El Chapo that were auctioned

These are the 3 houses of Chapo Guzmán that the Mexican government sold for $ 4.3 million pesos .

Dengue virus carrying mosquito on the arm of a person.

Warning: Latin America has dengue

Of the more than two million people reported to have suffered dengue in 2019, more than 700 have lost their lives .

Mixed black dog ‘Matapacos’ barking at police during protests in Chile.

Monument to the ‘Negro Matapacos’ in Santiago de Chile

"We want a statue of the dog 'Negro Matapacos' in Baquedano, so that every person who passes by will see it and remember this hero"

Evo Morales.

Crisis in Bolivia: Evo Morales announces new elections

Finally Morales accepted the recommendations of the OAS after an audit that questioned the legitimacy of the elections on October 20

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

Lula da Silva is not longer in prision

A ruling by the Brazilian Supreme Court could change the fate of the former Brazilian president.

Ariel Vijarra and her daughters, Olivia and Victoria.

A true love story: homosexual couple adopts girl with HIV

The girl had been rejected by 10 heterosexual families for her illness before reaching this couple .

Guillermo Botero, former Colombian defense minister.

What you should know about the resignation of the Colombian Minister of Defense

In just one year, Minister Guillermo Botero went through the second motion of censure in Congress where several parties sought his resignation

Massive protest in Bolivia against the presidential reelection of Evo Morales

Crisis in Bolivia: the presidential dispute worsens

Protests over presidential results have caused losses of 167 million dollars .

Fernando Londoño Hoyos, former Minister of Justice of Colombia.

Former Minister of Justice in Colombia with judicial problems

Fernando Londoño Hoyos must return the 145 million shares of the Invercolsa company, which he acquired irregularly 20 years ago .

Monument to Caupolicán in Temuco, Chile, after the demonstrations.

Even the monuments are revealed in Chile, Valdivia beheaded for the second time

The protesters in Chile today have forced historians to write a new chapter around this statue.

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