Why has not Italy recognized Guaidó as interim president?

Despite the divisions in the government over the Venezuelan situation, Italy declared that the country should have free presidential elections

Haiti sinks in political instability

The political instability in Haiti has plunged that country into a crisis that has already completed a little over a week

Iván Duque and his visit to the United States

During Duque's visit to Trump, apart from the central issues, the possibility of a military intervention in Colombia was raised

Brazil: find out why Lula is plummeting

Former President Lula da Silva was found guilty by the Brazilian justice on charges of corruption and money laundering. He was sentenced to 12 years and one month in prison

Bogota's city hall: these are Diego Molano's proposals

LatinAmerican Post had the opportunity to speak exclusively with the pre-candidate of the Democratic Center political party for Bogota's city hall, Diego Molano

Bolivia: Will the opposition be able to stop Evo Morales?

The community goes to the OAS and the IACHR to avoid the re-election of the president of Bolivia

Nayib Bukele: will his scandals affect his presidency?

Salvadorean president-elect already had his first scandal and will be taken to trial

Defense or abuse? The controversial Brazilian law against organized crime

While the government promises greater control of impunity and violence, the opposition believes that the abuse of the law against citizens will increase

This is Diego Molano, precandidate to be Bogotá's mayor

One of the three candidates for Centro Democrático is Diego Molano, who is committed to improve safety, sustainability, and mobility

Mexico: El Chapo Guzmán is condemned for drug trafficking

A New York jury ruled that the famous Mexican criminal, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, is guilty of drug trafficking

Balda Case: a new test for Rafael Correa in Ecuador

The start of the trial for the kidnapping of former Assemblyman Fernando Balda puts a new test to former President Rafael Correa, who is accused of having ordered it

Venezuela: What has happened in this week?

International support and refusal to receive humanitarian aid to deal with the crisis are just some of the things that happened last week in Venezuela

Colombia: what is the Security and Defense Plan about?

On Wednesday, February 6, Colombian President Iván Duque presented his Security and Defense Plan, what did he point out?

A human chain for humanitarian aid

Given Nicolás Maduro's rejection to humanitarian aid, the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, calls for citizenship

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