Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico.

The new airport that was built in Mexico by their army

The role of the army in the current administration has become a central issue in discussions in Mexico

Woman touching her eyes

COVID-19 increases domestic violence in Venezuela

Domestic violence figures on women and children in Venezuelan territory increased during confinement for COVID 19

Alexander Hueso delivering aid to vulnerable families

Good deeds amid the pandemic

Amid the pandemic, Alexander Hueso and his family bring food to the most vulnerable areas of the city

Aerial view of Jardim Dom Bosco in Brazil.

How is Latin America doing with the Sustainable Development Goals?

At the pace of the region, it is likely that the Sustainable Development Goals agreed for 2030 will not be achieved .

Nubia and children.

"Nubia and children", the YouTube channel of a farmer family

Due to the economic crisis caused by covid-19 and corruption in Colombia, a humble family decided to create a YouTube channel to teach how to grow food from home

Journalist during a protest.

Investigative journalism also suffers from the pandemic

The journalistic profession has had essential participation in Covid-19 crisis

Giovanni López and protests in Guadalajara, Mexico

Racism and police abuse in Mexico, response to the murder of George Floyd

Mexico has joined the protests unleashed by the death of George Floyd

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil.

Bolsonaro threatens to leave the WHO

The President of Brazil followed the example of Donald Trump and threatened to withdraw from the WHO, alleging an ideological bias

Frame from the 'Matarife' series.

"Matarife", the controversial documentary series

The journalist and lawyer Daniel Mendoza launched a series that promises to reveal the entire criminal history of former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez

Young student using laptop.

COVID-19: How Latin American students struggle during the crisis?

Some Latin American students are stuck abroad because of the closure of the international airports of their home countries and their mental health is starting to be affected

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil.

Coronavirus: 5 different crises in the same region

The Coronavirus in Latin America has revealed apparent new problems that are leading to internal crises in some countries

Woman wearing a mask in the street

Coronavirus: 54.8% of cases imported to Brazil by March 5 came from Italy

In contrast with China and other countries where the disease spread slowly, in Brazil more than 300 people started the epidemic; most were passengers flying in from Italy

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

3 Latin American news during the contingency

These are the most important events that happen in Latin America while the attention is focused on the Coronavirus

Virus particles.

Latin American scientific findings about the coronavirus

Scientists Javier Jaimes, Irene Bosch and Marina Escalera-Zamudio, are currently conducting research on the diagnosis and cure of COVID-19

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