Brazil returns to migrate abroad

Migration in Brazil is changing since 2016 due to political and economic instability, and with the arrival of Bolsonaro to the presidency, it has increased


Dominican Republic: the problem of denationalization and statelessness

The Dominican authorities have adopted a series of practices, norms and judicial decisions aimed at denationalizing Haitians and their descendants

Panama seeks to avoid voting for corruption

The upcoming May 5 elections in Panama are conditional on recent corruption scandals

Venezuela: lessons of the Rwandan genocide

Can Venezuela learn from what happened in Rwanda?

Peru: preventive detention for Pedro Pablo Kuczynksi

The Judicial Branch of Peru has issued 36 months of preventive detention for the former president in the middle of investigating his relationship with Odebrecht

We spoke to Ángela Garzón, candidate for mayor of Bogotá

The LatinAmerican Post team had the opportunity to speak with the candidate from the party Centro Democrático about her proposals

Alán García dies after shooting himself

The former Peruvian president died on Wednesday morning after it became known that he would be arrested for alleged corruption offenses in the Odebrecht case

Offside? 5 soccer players who could not get to politics

We have talked about those players who have dabbled in politics and hold important positions, but what about those who lose?

Latin America: how are their military forces?

The new security agendas in the region reflect the great challenges that Latin America currently has

Mike Pompeo: Is a military intervention approaching?

In the middle of his arrival at the Venezuelan border, the Secretary of State of the United States made strong statements. Is the end of Maduro near?

The bittersweet celebration of Colombian conflict victims

On April 9, the National Day of Memory and Solidarity with Victims was commemorated. What did this day leave?

The objections against JEP were rejected

After the vote in the House of Representatives, the objections of Ivan Duque prepare for the next vote in the Senate


Uruguay: democracy above the ghost of the dictatorship

The destitution of the military leadership, the minister and the deputy minister of defense of Uruguay set a precedent for the fight against impunity

The anti-imperialist policies of Maradona

Recently, Maradona, who directs the Rayados de Sinaloa, dedicated the triumph of his team to Nicolás Maduro. As a result of this, he will be investigated by the Mexican Football Federation

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