Pedro Castillo, president-elect of Peru

The Controversial Cabinet of Pedro Castillo

Neither the markets, nor the opposition, nor the cabinet itself gives peace of mind to the newly inaugurated Pedro Castillo

Pedro Castillo and Oscar Sobalvarro G.

Latin America in Short: Pedro Castillo Takes Office and Nicaragua's Electoral Campaign Begins

Finally, Pedro Castillo is inaugurated as president of Peru, the electoral campaign begins in Nicaragua, the European Union invests in reducing greenhouse gases, natural resources are running out for this year and Brazil takes the medal in one of the debuting sports of the Olympic Games. Find out about everything here.

Hands of an elderly person and a person walking with the LGBT flag

3 New Progressive Laws in Latin America: Why Progress Is Not Guaranteed

Despite the fact that there were several interesting progressive Latino initiatives, there are sectors that still reject them, so the conquests will have to occur over time

Protestants in Guatemala

Why Is Guatemala Going On Strike?

The Central American country takes to the streets calling for the resignation of President Alejandro Giammattei and the Attorney General

Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador

Is Bukele the key to greater Central American integration?

The role of the Salvadoran president can serve to revive the dream of a (more) united Central America

Rocket by Jeff Bezos and Alberto Fernández

Latin America in short: Argentina recognizes the non-binary population and Jeff Bezos goes to space

Another Friday arrives and with it the most relevant of the week: What Olympic records were broken? Will trips to space begin to be commercial? Are we on the road to a more inclusive Argentina? Everything explained here

Sebastián Sichel, candidate for the presidency of Chile

Center Right Or Left: the Choice Of the Chilean People

The Chilean Presidential Elections Were Marked By Low Electoral Participation and the Pandemic

People during protests

Cuba: The Internet As A Tool Against the Regime

The Internet and social networks have been the main ally of the protests that have developed in Cuba 

Protests in Colombia

Colombia: Why Are The Protests Returning To The Streets?

This July 20, several Colombian social sectors will march again. The Government fears that the protests of April 28 that lasted more than 2 months will be repeated

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Colombia

Opinion: It's Time To Change Colombia's National Anthem

Supporters Of This Idea Argue That the Lyrics Do Not Represent Colombians As a Nation

Protests in Cuba and Tilda Swinton with the Colombian flag

Latin America in short: social tension in Cuba and Colombian activism in Cannes

The week ends and because it is Friday we bring you our summary of the most relevant news of the week. Bolsonaro at the clinic, tension in Cuba, new Formula 1 car, solidarity for Colombia in Cannes and Emmy nominees. Everything explained here

President of Colombia, Iván Duque

Colombia: How Different Is The New Tax Reform From The Previous One?

Details have already been released that show the substantial difference between this project and the one presented in April, which was overthrown at the height of the National Strike.

Image of The Flemish Scroller project

Belgium Figured Out How To Stop Lazy Politicians

"The Flemish Scrollers" Project Could Limit the Bad Habits Of Politicians

Still from the video clip 'Patria y Vida'

Cuba: How a Song Challenges the Revolution

5 causes of the historic protests on the island that have the Cuban government in trouble