People in favor of the Petro labor reform

Colombia: ABC of Gustavo Petro's Labor Reform

In LatinAmerican Post, we show some of the most critical points to consider in the labor reform presented by the Government of Gustavo Petro: what benefits workers?

Tareck El-Aissami

Corruption in PDVSA Makes Chavismo Tremble in Pre-Electoral Times

The corruption scandal in PDVSA that affects Tareck El Aissami can put the stability of the Government of Nicolás Maduro at risk

Woman turning off her alarm clock

Why is Colombia the Country that Gets Up the Earliest and is One of the Least Productive?

In LatinAmerican Post, we analyzed the reasons why getting up early is not synonymous with achieving greater productivity, as demonstrated by the example of Colombia

Henrique Capriles and Maria Corina Machado

Venezuelan Opposition: Between Henrique Capriles and María Corina Machado

The Venezuelan opposition has two clear paths to confront Nicolás Maduro electorally. For now, Henrique Capriles and María Corina Machado are positioned as strong candidates

FARC members

Latin America, a Continent Dominated by Maras, Gangs, Cartels and Guerrillas

Maras, cartels, guerrillas and organized crime spread their tentacles across borders. This is the panorama of crime in Latin America

Nicholas and Gustavo Petro

Nicolás Petro in Legal Trouble: Do the Daughters and Sons of Latino Leaders Enjoy Impunity?

The children of presidents and former heads of state are not spared from investigations, both for false accusations and for illegal acts. Today the president who has to bear a scandal that involves his family is Gustavo Petro, because of his son Nicolás Petro, who is accused of receiving money in exchange for influence

Viva Air airline plane

Viva Air: What Will Happen to Travelers Now that the Colombian Government Is in Control?

LatinAmerican Post summarized what it means for the Superintendence of Transportation to take control of the Colombian low-cost airline after the suspension of its services. We also show what would be the consequences of a monopoly between Avianca and Viva Air

Hugo Chávez and Juan Manuel Santos during the peace process

How to Understand Latin America Through the Figure of Hugo Chávez?

Ten years after the death of Hugo Chávez, we analyze his influence on the construction and configuration of the current Latin American region

Dina Boluarte and Pedro Castillo

Peru: the Conflict Between Dina Boluarte and Pedro Castillo Reaches International Levels

After three months of protests over Pedro Castillo's removal from Peru's presidency, several Latin American political actors have begun to launch opinions on the legitimacy of Dina Boluarte

Nayib Bukele in mega prison

El Salvador: Mega Prisons, a Real Solution Against Crime?

Regarding the opening of the new mega-prison in El Salvador, we review the reason for these centers and their actual impact on security

Aurora Vergara, Ignacio Zorro, Astrid Rodríguez

Who Are the New Ministers of Education, Culture and Sports of Gustavo Petro?

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, made a change in his cabinet that could mean the victory of the most radical wing over the moderate one


Gustavo Petro and Veronica Alcocer

What Is the Role of the First Ladies in Latin America?

The role of first lady is ambiguous, but little by little it is becoming more relevant in Latin America. People like Verónica Alcocer or Manuel Zelaya arouse criticism and support.

Bacadéhuachi lithium salt flat

Lithium Takes its Place in the World as a Strategic Resource. Is it Time to Nationalize it?

Lithium is a strategic resource. Its recent nationalization in Mexico and the enormous reserves of South America position Latin America as a primary source for the digital revolution

Gustavo Petro

Colombia: The Special Powers on Which Gustavo Petro Depends

With the arrival of the first progressive government to the presidency of Colombia, its detractors have serious doubts about the direction that the country will take for four years. One of the facts that increases uncertainty has been the series of “superpowers” that have been given to Gustavo Petro to fulfill what was promised in the campaign