7 traits of old souls that make them utterly unique and beautiful

If you can identify with the following 7 personality traits, then in all likelihood you are an old soul.

You may have felt different your entire life, as if your mind and spirit were far in advance of the aging of your physical body. People might have commented about how wise you are or how mature you come across, and you will have probably agreed with them.

What makes you an old soul also makes you a very beautiful person; how you see the world and how you act accordingly are very fine qualities to have.

Here are 7 of the most notable old soul character traits that make you so special:

1. You crave knowledge and wisdom: You are always want to know more, always striving to understand more details. You understand that knowledge is power, not only over the world around you but yourself. Your search of knowledge has a tendency of taking a life of its own. It isn’t unheard of for an old soul to spend countless hours researching topics of interest.

2. You have no qualms about being alone: While most people your age need to be around their peers and/or all sorts of forms of social medias, you are perfectly content with giving yourself a little bit of self-imposed solitary confinement. In truth, the majority of old souls are rather introverted.

3. You tend to not get along with those your age: One of the characteristics of an old soul is that your physical age and your spiritual age don’t line up. Your life experiences have left you with a more thorough understanding of the world around you and yourself. Don’t undervalue the people your age though. They have the same capacity for wisdom you do, they only need to develop it.

4. You cherish time away in nature: Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or out in the countryside, you feel a deep sense of connection to nature and put great value on time spent among it. You most easily find peace in nature and feel energized and enthused every time you are able to interact with it at great length. You can see yourself one day living close to nature so that you may enjoy its soothing effects on a daily basis.

5. You are a great listener: Your friends and loved ones often come to you for advice because you have a natural skill when it comes to listening. You take the time to really consider the troubles faced by others and attempt to provide the most effective counsel possible based on the wisdom you have gained and your desire to see others happy.

6. You find meaning in life: Everyone is searching for meaning behind the elements in our life. You can recognize your personal truths out of the din of chaos in life. By this I mean that, you are able to live life on life’s terms. You are able to take the random and seemingly nonsensical parts of life and take them as they are.

7. You see the bigger picture: However few or many years you have been on this planet, you have always been able to see life through a wider lens than most other people. You recognize that your life is but a brief spark in the infinite fireworks display that is the universe. This ability to get a broader perspective on things means you are more open to the many opportunities that exist around you. Your gaze is often fixed far out beyond the bubble that you occupy physically, on the ceaseless symphony of life elsewhere.

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