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The Anato’s thirthy-sixth tourism fair 2017, undertaken in Bogotá, achieve around 150 million dollars on tourism business transactions.
Brazil´s main opposition party plans to pursue a criminal complaint against President Dilma Rousseff for 'inventive' accounting that helped shore up the country´s fiscal results in recent years.
The indigenous leader of the town of Toribio, Marcos Yules, said the civilian population was tired of bearing the bru...
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner refused to answer questions in a fraud inquiry, turning the event into a triumphant return before thousands of supporters
The world of space exploration and travel is, to say the least, as mind-boggling as it is seemingly infinite. While we know of neighboring stars and galaxies, actually getting to them with the current technology we have is nigh on impossible. In science-fiction movies, unsurprisingly, travelling from planet Earth to far flung places is generally no big deal. Yet, considering the nearest star system to our sun, Alpha Centauri, is a hefty 4.3 light years away, the idea of humans reaching just that any time soon is difficult to envisage.
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