No Mercosur objection to Uruguay-China trade talks

None of Uruguay’s partners in Mercosur has raised objections to his government’s plan to negotiate a trade accord with China

Brazil’s Consumer and Trade Confidence indexes increase

Two key indexes rose in October, showing that, while perhaps not optimistic about the future, Brazilians are less pessimistic about the country's economic situation.

Mercosur/China trade agreement

Macri and Vazquez agree that the trade approach to China should be done from Mercosur. Vazquez underlined the very generous attitude of Macri and thanked Argentina for having such consideration.

Trade protectionism would hurt both Mexico and the US

In response to what presidential candidate Donald Trump has argued throughout his campaign, the Mexican Finance minister warned that a move towards protectionism is in no one’s best interest.

The UAE continues to expand trade with LatAm

Non-oil related trade with LatAm has been on the rise in the UAE, the wealthy Middle Eastern country has found favorable trade partners in this region.

What Trumponomics means for the US-Mexico border region

Trump says he would slap a 35% tariff on Mexican goods and maybe scrap the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Uruguay to sign free trade deal with China

The free trade agreement allows us to defend the presence of our products in the markets and will provide easier market access

Trump trashes Nafta. But unwinding it would come at a huge cost

The narrative promulgated by trade skeptics that a more integrated global economy has worsened job opportunities for certain workers isn’t wrong

Ratifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership is key for the US

The United States’ credibility and influence in LatAm can be drastically swayed by the US Congress decision regarding the TPP.

Chile and Uruguay to sign free-trade agreement

The Uruguayan president, Tabaré Vázquez, announced  last month in a cabinet meeting  that Uruguay will sign a free-trade agreement (FTA) with Chile in September, streamlining the rules governing the bilateral flow of goods and services.

Mercosur insists in trade negotiations with EU

Negotiations for a trade and cooperation agreement between Mercosur and the EU must continue and should not be overshadowed by political issues such as the impeachment process in Brazil

Ecuador and El Salvador look to diversify bilateral trade

This week in San Salvador, economic authorities from both countries intend to tighten economic relations and increase trade volume with a trade agreement.

India and Chile expand trade pact

Chile and India signed on Tuesday an agreement to extend the Partial Scope Agreement (PSA) between the two countries to up to 2,800 trade items in what may be a boon for the South American country.

Colombia's non-traditional exports and the US free trade agreement

Three years after the countries ratified their Free Trade Agreement, the South American country is finally seeing a reversal in the declining trend of its traditional exports, which last year suffered a 30 percent plunge.

Colombia’s FTAs: a decade of mixed results

A new report published by Universidad del Rosario showed the overall balances of Colombia’s FTAs so far. The results are not bleak, but they are no reason to celebrate.

Argentina continues to push for economic regionalism

In Interview with The Nikkei, Argentina’s president, Mauricio Macri expressed his urgency to continue eliminating trade barriers between LatAm countries.

UK out of Mercosur/EU trade agreement

The president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz said that if finally a agreement is reached between the EU and Mercosur the UK will not benefit as a consequence of Brexit.

Cuba and Iran seek to strengthen economic ties

The Iranian Foreign Minister seeks to start a new chapter in Iran’s relations with Cuba on his one-day visit, before continuing his tour with stops in Nicaragua, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela

Full integration of Mercosur with the Pacific Alliance

Latin America needs greater economic integration and a merger of Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance should be the objective

Chile and Finland meet up to reconsider their economic relationship

Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz, and his Finnish counterpart Timo Soini discussed restructuring their agenda in terms of cooperation and trade.

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