• How could China take advantage of the Colombian peace deal?

    The end of conflict could mean the United States will back away from Colombia in terms of investment and assistance, China might try to fill the power gap.

  • How are invasive species damaging Colombian biodiversity?

    Pigeons, African land snails and lionfish are some of the species threating the country. 

  • Historic peace deal between Colombia and FARC

    Colombia’s government and leftist FARC rebels unveiled a final peace deal on Wednesday to end a 50-year-old guerrilla war, one of the world’s longest conflicts which took the resource-rich country to the brink of being a failed state

  • Haz lo que te dé la gana

    Si uno no le cede al Estado una parte del control de la vida, no podemos reclamarle a ese mismo Estado que nos dé paz y seguridad.

  • Hawaaii contra el uso de celulares en vía publica

    Hawaaii contra el uso de celulares en vía publica

    La Ley del Caminante Distraído es una medida que "responde al sentido común y la protección a la vida". ¿Bogotá adoptará el mismo plan de acción?

  • Gustavo Bell

    Gustavo Bell: new Head of ELN peace negotiations

    The main goal is to extend ceasefire between Colombian Army and the guerrilla

  • Growing up in a conflict zone puts brain development at risk

    Syria and Colombia serve as an example of the consequences more than 87 million children face for growing up in conflict zones.

  • New trade ties between UK and Latam

    Great Britain to foster trade talks with Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru

    The European superpower has changed its mind regarding international commerce

  • Nuevos vínculos comerciales entre UK y Latam

    Gran Bretaña adelantará negociaciones comerciales con Colombia, Ecuador y Perú

    El superpoder europeo ha cambiado su estrategia

  • Goldman Sachs’ involvement in Colombia’s new highways

    The investment banking firm is involved with at least one $260 million bond relating to the country’s infrastructural renewal.

  • Gobierno colombiano reclama a España sus piezas de oro

    La Corte Constitucional Colombiana busca pedir las 122 piezas de la cultura Quimbaya que fueron obsequiadas a la Corona española en 1893.

  • Giant crocodile fossil discovered in northern Colombia

    According to the science news website, Live Science, during its prehistoric heyday, the reptilian behemoth measured 16 feet long and tipped the scales at nearly 900-pounds.

    It has been named, Anthracosuchus Balrogus (A. balrogus), after the fiery demon _Balrog,_ who inhabited the Dwarven mines of Moria in J.R.R. Tolkien_s monumental series, _The Lord of the Rings._

    Instead of terrorizing the Misty Mountains of Middle Earth, A. balrogus lurked the jungles of what is now northern Colombia during the late Cretaceous era.

    _Much like that giant beast, Anthracosuchus balrogus was [awakened] from deep within a mine after 60 million years trapped within the rocks of tropical South America,_ Jonathon Bloch, a researcher at the Florida Museum of Natural History, told Live Science.

    _One does not simply swim to South America_
    The gargantuan reptile_s remains were discovered near the Cerrejon coal mine, a fossil-rich region that has unveiled the existence of various other previously unknown prehistoric creatures.

    Fossils discovered near Cerrejon include _huge turtles with shells as thick as high-school textbooks_ and the remains of the world_s largest snake, Titanboa, which grew up to 48-feet-long.

    Four specimens of A. balrogus have been discovered, which according to Live Science, makes it the third new species of ancient crocodilians found at Cerrejon.

    The recently discovered croc belonged to a family known as Dyrosaurids, well-known in the scientific community for its Frodo-like ability to survive.

    Like the treacherous journey to Mordor, researchers say that the scaled leviathan swam to South America from the African continent nearly 75 million years ago.

    Remarkably, the species also survived the mass extinction that decimated the dinosaurs approximately 65 million years ago. Certain members of the species, including A. balrogus, proceeded to adapt to living in freshwater.

    _Some dyrosaurid species,_ scientists say, _adapted to freshwater ecosystems like the rainforest of Cerrejon, which was much warmer and swampier 60 million years ago than it is today._

    You shall not pass__into the Cenozoic Era
    The species_ discovery is significant, scientists claim, because it provides clues as to how animals responded to environmental changes in the past.

    _This group offers clues as to how animals survive extinctions and other catastrophes,_ Alex Hastings, a postdoctoral researcher at Martin Luther Universitat Halle-Wittenberg told Live Science, adding, _as we face climates that are warmer today, it is important to understand how animals responded in the past._

    A. balgorus, now a primordial shadow of a bygone era, is different from any other species in its family. Most importantly, the creature demonstrates the importance of learning to adapt when it comes to environment and climate related changes.

    _It quickly became clear that the four fossil specimens were unlike any dyrosaur species ever found,_ Hastings said. _Everyone thinks that crocodiles are living fossils that have remained virtually unchanged for the last 250 million years. But what we_re finding in the fossil record tells a very different story._

    Colombia Reports | by Philip Acu__a

  • Getting inked: four countries, four styles

    Getting inked: four countries, four styles

    These Latinos are recognized in their countries for their outstanding work as tattoo artists

  • Germán Vargas Lleras

    Germán Vargas Lleras: economic policy for his presidential campaign 2018-2022

    The politician seems to have four pillars set in his race to the Casa de Nariño

  • elecciones presidenciales de Colombia

    Fragmentación e inestabilidad: características de las elecciones presidenciales de Colombia

    Varias decenas de candidatos aspiran a llegar a la presidencia de Colombia en 2018

  • Former adversaries in armed conflict living together in peace in Colombia

    In a clearing in the northern Colombian mountains, members of the United Nations, soldiers and police are living with FARC guerrillas

  • LLanos Colombia

    Forgotten destinations of Colombia: Llanos Orientales

    It is an area that possess many wonders known to few due to the internal conflict that the country was facing.

  • Aftosa

    Foot-and-mouth disease hits Colombia

    Contagious bovine disease threatens 17.79 billion dollars a year 

  • Five places to enjoy Bogota's nightlife

    Five places to enjoy Bogota's nightlife

    These are some of the top five bars and restaurants where both residents and foreigners can spend a party night in Bogota’s best style 

  • Fireworks and environmental destruction

    Fireworks: A celebration of tragedy and environmental destruction

    In Latin American countries such as Colombia, the use of pyrotechnics it’s the meaning of a black Christmas celebration. December has not ended yet and the South American nation has reported already almost 200 burn accidents, half of them suffered by children.

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