• Zika is not completely death

    Zika is not completely death

    Researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases assured that the virus is still a mystery

  • Zero Waste: Sustainable lifestyle

    Zero Waste: Sustainable lifestyle

    The alternative aims to reduce climate change with simple practices and friendly with the environment

  • Cuban Youtuber

    Youtuber fever finally hits Cuba

    Following close behind the timid entrance of the Internet in the Caribbean country comes the birth of a new generation of youngsters

  • YouTube: ¿El fin de las carreras convencionales?

    ¿Qué tan cierto es el vivir de los ingresos recibidos por esta plataforma?

  •  zany vloggers

    YouTube Rules Brazil's Brave New Media World

    How a host of zany vloggers became some of the country’s most influential public figures.

  • You can become a cyborg

    Technology has been influencing human sensory perception since we prioritized visual communication over hearing, and information over everything.

  • Yes Doctor!

    Becoming a doctor in America is very difficult.

    To begin with, you attend a four-year university and graduate with a degree.

  • Yerry Mina

    Yerry Mina: Un jugador con estirpe para asumir el reto azulgrana

    El central colombiano cuenta con todas las herramientas para formar parte del equipo liderado por Lionel Messi

  • Yemen: humanitarian aid is on its way

    Yemen: humanitarian aid is on its way

    The decision to partially lift the restriction on Sana’a’s airport and some seaports was made after international pressure was applied

  • Yellow fever outbreak in Brazil prompts a state of emergency

    The governor of the Minas Gerais State in southeastern Brazil declared a public health emergency on Friday over an outbreak of yellow fever that appears to have killed at least 10 people so far and led to reports of more than 100 suspected cases of the disease.

  • Yaminahua becomes official

    The government of Peru recognized the official language of the alphabet of the indigenous community Yaminahua.

  • Xi Jinping: Entre los más grandes de China

    Xi Jinping: Entre los más grandes de China

    El actual presidente chino logra incrustarse en la historia como un referente para el mundo sin amenaza de relevo

  • Xi Jinping: among the greatest in China

    Xi Jinping: among the greatest in China

    The current Chinese president manages to be embedded in history as a reference for the world

  • World water scarcity and the High Panel on water

    With water availability being a global threat whose effects are visible today, the UN and World Bank Group seek to promote sustainable measures and tackle a coming water crisis. 

  • World Press Freedom Day

    Top UN officials highlighted the importance of a free flow of information for human rights, sustainable development and democracy. 

  • World Oceans Day: The Mediterranean drama

    The Mediterranean sea has become the main obstacle for thousands of migrants and is also the most polluted water basin in the world.

  • World Meteorological Day

    World Meteorological Organization concluded 2015 made history with shattered temperature records, intense heatwaves, exceptional rainfall, devastating drought and unusual tropical cyclone activity.

  • World Heritage Sites

    World Heritage Sites could disappear due to climate change

    The International Union for Conservation of Nature claims for urgent actions to mitigate the risk

  • World considers a Trump presidency, and many shudder

    After the fog of Super Tuesday was lifted, many were coming tu grips whit the possibility that Trump might well be the  next American president, a thought that aroused widespread befuddlement and a good deal of horror.

  • World Bank supports Argentinean renewables

    The World Bank has announced that it will provide a $480m guarantee to support the construction of large-scale renewable energy and solar projects across Argentina.

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