The German dinosaur is in danger of extinction

The traditional soccer team could descend for the first time and would no longer be the only one to participate in all the German first division seasons

Will Juventus win the Scudetto again?

The Turin team took advantage of Napoli’s failures and regained the leadership after almost six months

Soccer: Is Chile under a bad spell?

The austral clubs live their worst moment in international events, since they have only won 2 of the last 18 matches

Real Madrid: What is Gareth Bale’s future in the team?

The Welshman is going through one of the worst moments of his career, as he is not necessary within the starting line-up

Do you want to win the league? Hire this player

This player has won 9 consecutive championships in 3 different countries

A Venezuelan will make his way in the Movistar team

Latin American Post spoke exclusively with Anderson Paredes who, with only 22 years, will be in charge of leading the leadership of the Ecuadorian professional team

Ari López: A golfer with iron strength

The Colombian is the only disabled athlete with a professional card in Latin America

Who are the players that stand out in Europe?

5 Latin American footballers are notable in the Old Continent and could reach world elite teams

Argentina: How are its strikers for the World Cup?

One of the biggest concerns for Sampaoli, coach of the national team, is the attack of the team

Will Paolo Guerrero play in the World Cup?

The Peruvian captain will have to arrive in great shape to Russia 2018, after the sanction that took him away from stadiums

Soccer: Are the players of today less professional?

Globalization and social networks have transformed the perception of the players in front of the public

Has F.C. Barcelona already won the League?

The Catalan team won a crucial match in the hands of Messi and removed any doubts about its leadership

Which athletes have died prematurely?

In LatinAmerican Post, we want to remember those sportspersons who went ahead to the final goal and became legends

Russia 2018: Why does FIFA aprove implementing VAR?

In a historic event, the IFAB approved the use of video arbitration in the next World Cup

Who were the athletes who won at the 2018 Oscars?

The sport was present to inspire, denounce, and expose the different contexts that are lived inside it

The Coppa Italia: The resurrection of the Juve-Milan classic

The old soccer rivalry will re-emerge in all its splendor when the two teams fight for the title in May

Which fighters have followed the same sportive path as their parents?

Several Latin American athletes continue with the boxing legacy

FIFA: Russian national team in the spotlight

According to Daily Mail, Russia planned on doping its football players in the World Cup that the country hosts

Winter Paralympics: Ibero-American representatives

Argentine, Brazilian, Chilean, Spanish, and Mexican athletes will be the representatives of the region

Who is Lautaro Martínez?

The athlete is at the best moment of his career

Which are the soccer teams that do not sign up foreigners?

For some teams, values and patriotism are more important than sports scores

What country will host Copa Libertadores 2019?

Four countries head the list to be the amphitryon of the this tournament

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