The 2016 i9 an hybird tech sport car from BMW.

2016 BMW I9 For Best Hybrid
The development of the tech brings the hybrid as the latest style of the vehicle era. Well, the hybrid and electric car becomes great alternative nowadays. In the market, we might see some kinds of the product of 2016 BMW there. We know, the BMW is one of the greatest car manufactures with its special product. We will talk about one of the products of BMW 2016 here, which is called i9. Please read the review wholly!

2016 BMW I9 Review
The BMW i9 here is the latest development of the sport car with the hybrid tech from BMW manufacture. It can be the great choice with some changes there. In its chassis, it still uses the 4-door concept as the previous design. In other hand, the high performance car still becomes what-you-will-sense here. This new BMW is also part of the campaign about the way to decrease the use of gasoline.

2016 BMW I9 Specs
Let us see the spec of this car. As I have said before, the basic of this car is the hybrid. You will see the new tech in its electricity by the use of the battery. Well, however, when we talk about the engine of the BMW I, you will see the 3.0L V6 engine. The engine will provide 357-hp as the stable performance in your race. In other hand, you will see the 6.0-kWh battery details of the BMW hybrid.

2016 BMW I9 Price & Released Date
Well, are you interesting with this kind of the electric car? Well, the manufacture here announces that this car will be available in the market in the middle of the next year. In other hand, you need to prepare around $175,000 as the BMW prices. Just prepare yourself and your money to be the first buyer of this great car!

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