What is the reason behind Trump’s ‘space force’? 

This proposal comes at a time when the United States and China seem to be at a tariff war

How does Trump defend himself against the rejection of the immigration policy?

The border patrol takes the children to an old warehouse, while they process their parents for the crime of "illegal entry" into the US

 Mexico, Canada and the U.S.: Does the passion for sports weigh more than politics?

In the midst of political tension between Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., the countries will have to unite to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup

Austria against extremism: "It is not a religious question", according to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

The Central European country closes seven mosques and expels 60 radical imams

"The two leaders gladly accepted the respective invitations", North Korean central news

Kim Jong-un not only agreed to visit the United States but also to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and Trump pledged to offer guarantees to the Asian country

Rwanda and Arsenal: the most controversial sponsorship

Rwanda and the Arsenal sign a sponsorship agreement for 30 million euros, an alliance that has been criticized by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

Pedro Duque: From space to Congress

Spain is not the first country to have an astronaut exercising a political position

The historic meeting between Trump and Kim: the zero hour arrives

While the details of the meeting between the two leaders are finalized, Russia invited the North Korean president to a forum in September. However, what role does Latin America play in this situation?

The forgotten war of Ukraine

After four years of conflict, the east of the country still does not recover

Will Kim Jong-un end as Gaddafi?

For some experts, nuclear disarmament could lead to the collapse of the regime in the peninsula

Yarmuk: A symbol of Palestinian resistance, today is a ghost town

8 kilometers south of Damascus lies Yarmouk, an area famous for being the epicenter of the Palestinian diaspora in Syria and the Middle East. Today, of the population of more than 150,000 Palestinians who lived there, there are less than a thousand

Mark Zuckerberg and Europe are reconciled

The founder of Facebook intones the 'mea culpa' before the European Parliament about the scandal of the data

Damascus at the command of Syria: The government of Bashar al Assad regained control

The Syrian army recovered for the first time since 2012, the control of the capital after the last ISIS jihadists left the place

Ramadan: how to celebrate a holy feast in times of tension?

The most important month of the Muslim calendar has just begun in the midst of civil wars, violence and political instability

What consequences has the intervention of the Spanish Government left in Catalonia?

After almost seven months since the political intervention of the executive branch in the Generalitat of Catalonia, the question that arises now is: what are the effects of this decision in the autonomous community?

Israel: Beyond a Jewish state

The country is not only located in a geographical location that is hostile to it, it is also located -using the Zionist cause- in the centers of financial importance to supervise its survival

Why does the US embassy in Jerusalem provoke violence in Israel?

In Gaza the death toll already exceeds 50 and the injured exceed 2000, what is happening?

North Korea shows its ' bipolarity ' by suspending meeting with South Korea

The cancellation of a high-level meeting between the two Koreas puts into question the hypothetical meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in June

Quim Torra: the candidate for the Generalitat that causes uncertainty in Catalonia

While the Spanish government maintains its imposition of Article 155, the independence movement continues to complicate the dialogue by electing an independentist as the new President of the Generalitat

Why does the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel divide the world?

In addition to the United States, several countries have announced the transfer of their embassies to Jerusalem, including three Latin American countries


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