Infrastructure and Housing: What do the candidates have to say on the matter?

The biggest electoral challenge in Colombia is already less than 5 weeks away from being carried out

Paraguay: Everything you need to know about the upcoming elections

On April 22, the South American nation will decide which side of the regional policy it wants to be

Dissidence of the FARC, a problem that is not yet controlled?

The cooperation between Ecuador and Colombia has been the first step towards peace

Venezuela: Maduro on the edge of the sword?

Why did the National Assembly approve continuing the judicial process against Nicolás Maduro for alleged links to Odebrecht?

Latin America does not have housing for everyone

The region faces a housing deficit, where the problem is not only in the demand but in the cost and informality

Latin America: a truly friendly region?

In the ICJ, about one fifth of the border dispute cases are Latin American, which could make the region look like an enemy zone with friends' faces

Education, abortion, and immigration: Piñera's first 30 days

What have been the most important measures of his Government?

"If I were president, we would have denounced Trump in the UN for violation of human rights"

In Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador is the great beneficiary of the North American president's speech

The echoes of corruption in Latin America

The fall of Kuczynski in Peru and the condemnation of Lula da Silva in Brazil demonstrate the extent and power of corruption in the region

What is Venezuela’s future after May 20th?

According to Eugenio Martínez, after the probable victory of Maduro there will be an increase in migration and economic sanctions to the national executive

Peru: A new government on the horizon?

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) was in charge of the government of Peru just 20 months

Colombia: is peace threatened by a former guerrilla leader?

With the capture of Jesus Santrich for drug trafficking, the agreements of Havana face their first test of fire

The fall of Lula: a symbol of the situation of the Latin American left?

Although he probably will not be able to participate as a candidate in the elections, Lula still has 34% of the voting intention in his favor, compared to the 17% of his closest opponent

Donald Trump sees Latin America with disinterest?

With the cancellation of the US president's trip to the Summit of the Americas and his subsequent stop in Bogota, Latin America appears to be treated with lack of interest by the nation

Which territories are still disputed in Latin America?

The recent case of Guyana and Venezuela is just one of the various territorial struggles that exist in the region

Brazil: Lula in jail and the country in trouble?

With the ruling of the Supreme Federal Court, the former Brazilian president will not be able to run in the next elections and thus Brazil enters a situation of high tension

Costa Rica elected Latin America's first Afro-descendant vice president

Epsy Campbell will become the country's new vice president 

Did Guatemala win the battle against crime?

After 18 years, Army troops are removed from the streets of the country

Mexico 2018: What do the candidates propose?

How is each of the 4 candidates for the Mexican presidency positioned in the official polls?

Costa Rica: Who won the presidency?

With more than 97% of the tables counted, the candidate of the PAC, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, received more than 60.5% of the votes

Why hasn't the Darien Gap been paved?

The region is the only interruption on the Pan-American Highway, which connects the entire American continent

Data availability in Latin America

Data has changed they way we live and the way we understand our past and future


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