Mexico: Why does the US want to deploy armed air marshals on flights?

Specialists claim that the measure could be seen as a violation of Mexican sovereignty

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Kenji Fujimori has been expelled from the opposition party ‘Fuerza Popular’

Latin America rejects Venezuela's early elections

15 countries have pronounced themselves against the call for elections that the Constituent Assembly of Venezuela recently convoked

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An arms embargo and the freezing of accounts are the main measures against the sanctioned group

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What will Chile's new gender identity law modify?

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UN ratifies its "total support" to Colombia’s peace agreement

The humanitarian organization also offered international support in order to attend the arrival of Venezuelans into the country 

Former President Rafael Correa in November 2013, speaking in Paris (Wikimedia)

Ecuador: Why did ex-President Rafael Correa leave the ruling party?

What does this mean for Ecuadorian politics?

Looting, theft and violence: Venezuela's solution against its crisis?

The country ended 2017 with an inflation of 2.616% and a decrease in its GDP of 15%