Argentina: Violence without control in Rosario

Two families dispute control over drug dealing, while putting the city at risk

Violence in Mexico: beyond presidential proposals

New security law opens up a broader spectrum of presidential elections and suggests a change in attitude

Dialogue in Venezuela: is there a possibility of an agreement?

With a fragmented opposition and without international observers on their part, the talks in the Dominican Republic are resumed


Refugee Tents on the Border of Colombia

How will presidential elections affect Venezuela immigration crisis?

According to Luis Almagro, “there is no worse sanction that can be applied to the Venezuelan people than six more years of the Maduro regime”

Ecuador President Lenin Moreno

Ecuador: What are the consequences of the referendum?

Results show an overwhelming change in terms of the country’s political and environmental future

Latin America: What should be done with juvenile criminality?

The region debates between hardening punishments of minors or treat them as subjects of special protection

Peru to welcome more Venezuelan immigrants

Those living in the South American country will be able to apply for the Temporary Permit of Permanence until July 2019

Mexico: Why does the US want to deploy armed air marshals on flights?

Specialists claim that the measure could be seen as a violation of Mexican sovereignty

Peru: Problems in the Fujimori family?

Kenji Fujimori has been expelled from the opposition party ‘Fuerza Popular’

Latin America rejects Venezuela's early elections

15 countries have pronounced themselves against the call for elections that the Constituent Assembly of Venezuela recently convoked

Venezuela: EU sanctions shorten movements on Maduro's government

An arms embargo and the freezing of accounts are the main measures against the sanctioned group

Peru: the Pope's call for attention on corruption

During his visit, the Pontiff pronounced lapidary phrases about politics that affects "a large part" of Latin America


Bolivia: why did the country invalidate its polemic Penal Code?

Government opponents call citizens to keep rallying against Evo Morales despite repeal

What will Chile's new gender identity law modify?

To some, the approval of said legislation corresponds only to political interests

UN ratifies its "total support" to Colombia’s peace agreement

The humanitarian organization also offered international support in order to attend the arrival of Venezuelans into the country 

Former President Rafael Correa in November 2013, speaking in Paris (Wikimedia)

Ecuador: Why did ex-President Rafael Correa leave the ruling party?

What does this mean for Ecuadorian politics?

Looting, theft and violence: Venezuela's solution against its crisis?

The country ended 2017 with an inflation of 2.616% and a decrease in its GDP of 15%

Pope Francis flew in to Chile's capital Monday night for a visit expected.

Pope visit: Chileans divided between parishioners and activists

In the middle of Catholic Church controversy because of sex abuse scandals, Pope Francis continues the schedule's visit in Chile

Venezuelan Crisis: Rafters run away from the regime

24 Venezuelans were shipwrecked when they tried to reach Curaçao

Oscar Pérez: What really happened

Venezuela’s most wanted had been cornered in a stand-off with troops loyal to the government

El Salvador, deported

El Salvador: what are the implications of nationals being deported from the USA?

Salvadoran immigrants will have 18 months to get a legal permit or leave the country, but the Central American country is not ready to receive repatriates 

Colombia: these are the implications of the UN Secretary General's visit

António Guterres's visit represents the support of the United Nations for the construction of peace in the country

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