Does the Colombian State comply with the Peace Agreement?

On Saturday, January 12, Iván Márquez, former head of the FARC, sent a video criticizing the Colombian State for breaches of the peace agreement

Guatemala: Is the end of the CICIG near?

In the midst of criticism by President Morales to the CICIG, Guatemalans and international commissions ask that the agreement with the organization not to end

Nicaragua: will it soon leave OAS?

Since last week, the OAS intends to make use of the Inter-American Democratic Charter. What is it and how can it harm Nicaragua?

Venezuela: What happened to Juan Guaidó?

On January 13, 2019, the SEBIN irregularly detained the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó. LatinAmerican Post tells you more

CICIG provokes a power struggle in Guatemala

What was the reason for this power struggle between the Constitutional Court and President Jimmy Morales?

Juan Guaidó: the man who represents a new beginning for Venezuela

The young president of the National Assembly requested citizen and military support to assume the mandate of his nation, although there are confusions on the issue at the international level

Dominican Republic: Challenges as a member of the Security Council

As a new member of the UN Security Council, the Dominican Republic will be able to preside over the essential political situations

It's time to eradicate coca

The increase in the production and consumption of coca in the world in the past years reflects the great need to control the coca business around the world



Grupo de Lima VS Venezuela: will the sanctions work?

Economic blockades, diplomatic and the non-recognition of the new government of Maduro, are some of the sanctions that have been imposed but, will they work?

 "A new beginning for the Bolivarian revolution": Nicolás Maduro

In the middle of the controversy, Nicolás Maduro assumed the presidency for a second term, declared illegitimate by several world organizations

Venezuela will have to stand Nicolás Maduro for another six years

Today, Nicolás Maduro will assume a second term of six years in an environment of illegitimacy

Latin America:6 presidential elections in 2019

With the new year, new important elections arrive for the countries of Latin America

Nicolás Maduro is declared illegitimate by the Venezuelan Parliament

Five days after the possession of Nicolás Maduro in power, there is an atmosphere of tension in the country

Nicolás Maduro: lonelier than ever

Cuba and Nicaragua are the only countries that support the dictatorial regime in Venezuela. What will happen on January 10?

A turbulent 2019 start for Peruvian justice

The beginning of the year for Pedro Chávarry, Peruvian National Prosecutor, was turbulent after he declared against the prosecutors who carry out the Odebrecht investigation

These are the opinions on the new presidential possession in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will assume a new six-year presidential term next Thursday, January 10

Ecuador: Why the Communication Law has been partially vetoed?

The government of Lenin Moreno has suspended the article regarding frequency licenses

The Bolsonaro era has begun

From January 1, the extreme right of Brazil takes the reins of the Latin American giant

Colombia, alert for possible attack on the president

After statements about a possible attempt to assassinate President Iván Duque, three suspects were arrested for carrying weapons

The Russian incursion in the Latinamerican region

The presence of Russia on the Latin American continent puts the United States on alert

8 ambitious legislative bills in Latin America

By 2019, Latin American congresses leave cooking bills that address issues such as abortion, tax reforms, presidential jurisdiction, among others

Costa Rica: 70 years without an army

The Central American country turns 70 years without armed forces. What have been the effects of the demilitarization?

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