Who is the controversial candidate seeking to reach the Colombian Comptroller?

His relationship with the Yidispolítica and Agro Ingreso Seguro, and his low score on a test to get to the Comptroller's Office have him in the eye of the storm

Chile is increasing the number of foreigners expelled

Legal background in migrants and the weak response of the authorities to detect them are some of the causes

"We see Latin America as our neighbor": Jim Mattis on his visit

The Secretary of Defense of the United States, Jim Mattis, visits several countries in the region to discuss issues of bilateral alliance

Is Costa Rica no longer Central America's paradise?

The Central American country is on alert after the death of two tourists and the increase in crime

The uncertainty of the Brazilian elections

While the justice of the South American giant decides the future of former President Lula da Silva, the names of the vice-presidential candidates were presented

"The hopes of the world rest on young people": UN Secretary-General

"Political instability, labour market challenges and limited space for political and civic participation" are some of the problems young people face

Argentina: 3 key facts to understand rejection of the decriminalization of abortion

These are the 3 keys so that after 16 hours of debate, the Argentine Senate will reject 38 to 31, the law for the decriminalization of abortion

Women's participation in Latin American politics: more alive than ever

With the high participation of women in the Senate and the House of Representatives in Mexico, a new perspective opens up in the Latin American women's political sphere

Colombia withdraws from USAN: what comes next?

After the temporary withdrawal in April, Carlos Holmes Trujillo announces that the measure will be final and there is no going back

Peru: Is the state of emergency the best solution to stop violence on the border?

Since last month, Peru declared a state of emergency on the border with Colombia. For the United States Department, the measure is not enough

Colombia: Will Duque be able to bring peace to the country?

Among the challenges of the new Colombian president, the continuity of the peace talks is a priority. The ELN is willing to continue negotiating the end of the armed conflict

Colombia recognizes Palestine as a free and sovereign state

Although this decision was taken during Juan Manuel Santos's government, the issue of Palestine is not new for Colombia

Iván Duque took office as president of Colombia

The new president of the Colombians took office before the plenary of the congress. However, the presidential inauguration was tarnished by different issues

Maduro and the terrorist attack: Who are the 'Flannel Soldiers'?

This group, still anonymous, has claimed to be responsible of the failed attempt against Nicolás Maduro

From Mexico to Paraguay, these are some of the most notorious corruption cases

The case of Odebrecht in which 10 Latin American countries were involved is not the only corruption scandal in the region

Lula da Silva will be presidential candidate from jail: what are his options?

It seems an unlikely bet, but the Workers' Party launched the candidacy of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Attack against Maduro: Santos would be responsible according to the Venezuelan president

After being attacked in the afternoon of Saturday with explosive devices, Nicolás Maduro accused the Colombian leader, Juan Manuel Santos, of the attack

Brazil: Why was the million-dollar lawsuit against Petrobras suspended?

Petrobras has been losing for four consecutive years; the demand for more than 4,500 million dollars would threaten the bankruptcy of the state company

Peru: This is what you need to know about the referendum that was announced by Martín Vizcarra

After the corruption scandal in Peru, the president announced a referendum that will seek to create an environment of legitimacy to the political and judicial institutions

Ecuador: Will the case of Julian Assange end?

The president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, negotiates with the United Kingdom an exit for the controversial activist

Venezuela: How the crisis is affecting the classrooms?

Kids fainting, increasing absences, and cuts of academic days are some of the problems in the school system of the South American country

The Argentine Armed Forces will face "the challenges of the 21st century"

Macri repealed the measure of Néstor Kirchner that established that the military could only act in the face of an attack by an external State

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