North Korea: Why Kim Jong-un will not end the nuclear program?

War "can never be a bargaining chip for getting the DPRK denuclearized": ​​North Korean news agency

Brett Kavanaugh: New Judge of the Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh: New Judge of the Supreme Court

Despite being accused of sexual abuse in his youth, the United States Senate confirmed Kavanaugh as the new judge of the Supreme Court

Social credit system: A dangerous form of control in China

As in Venezuela, China will implement a citizen control system. Here you can find all about it


Indonesia: The consequences that the earthquakes and the tsunami leaves

The first official figures speak of 400 dead, but the number could increase. The European Union was the first international organization to help the Asian country

Supreme Court of Justice: This would happen if Brett Kavanaugh wins

The candidate of Donald Trump, among other things, could support Trump in his immigration policies that will affect Latinos seeking to reach the United States

Brexit: Relations between the EU and the UK are on the verge

After the Informal Summit in Austria, the debate on the Brexit increased without agreement between the EU countries, the parties of the United Kingdom and the public opinion

Imran Khan: the athlete who won the presidency of Pakistan

The former star of cricket becomes President of his country in a vote under the shadow of fraud

Will Russia and Japan achieve peace?

Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves the door open for a future peace process between Russia and Japan

Which topics should be addressed at the UN General Assembly?

These are some of the world issues that deserve to be addressed at the seventy-third session of the UN General Assembly that began on September 18

This is how the amendment that could impeach Donald Trump works

The alleged plot within the Trump administration would have considered invoking the 25th amendment of the United States Constitution

Third inter-Korean summit: This is what happened

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in meet again with expectations, commitments and hope for a lasting peace between these two nations

Conspiracy? Trump's government met secretly with Venezuelan militaries

After an article published by The New York Times, the theory of a coup plot against Maduro which, according to the president, is headed by the United States, has gained strength

In midst of criticism and betrayal, the Trump era collapses

The criticism of Obama, a book and a column of a senior official in The New York Times, could contribute to changing the political landscape for Trump in the upcoming elections to Congress

Brexit: Are there regrets for voting in favor?

Brexit is approaching, but still London and Brussels must agree the commercial relationship before a political climate that looks for a second referendum

9/11: 17 years since the terrorist attack against the United States

Nearly three thousand people died at the biggest terrorist attack against the United States

These 4 women of Colombian origin seek to reach the New York Senate

These are the stories of these four women who aspire to be the future Senators of the Big Apple

Europe: Between the rejection and acceptance of immigrants

The city of Chemnitz, Germany, has become the focus of European nationalism, but also of the rejection of xenophobia in the old continent

India decriminalizes homosexuality: How is the rest of the world doing?

On September 6, India's Supreme Court repealed the Article 377 of 2013 which punished people from the LGBTI community

From sex scandals to bribery: the controversies of Trump’s government

According to Michael Cohen, lawyer close to the Trump family, the president was involved in a corruption scandal just before his election

John McCain: Why do immigrants will remember him fondly?

On August 25, Republican Senator and immigrant advocate, John McCain, died of an aggressive brain cancer.


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