Business success: workers are the key

If you have decided to focus on achieving business success, you could succeed this year by betting on your workers

The Christmas bonus is to spend it

While many media criticize those who spend their Christmas bonus, this extra money does not have to be saved if it is well spent

The next tech genius could be among us

The use of technology comes so that people can take advantage of it

Latin America could be a leader in renewable energies

The region has great potential to become a leader in renewable energy production. Costa Rica is the best example of energy efficiency

Beware! We are not taking care of our hearts

We invite women to learn about the warning signs of a heart attack that need to be considered to seek help from a specialist

Colombia: Is the orange economy the solution?

We've heard a lot about it during the course of this year of campaigning and presidential ownership, but what is it? What good does it bring? Will it be enough?

Prevention is the solution to the health crisis in Latin America

What if instead of seeking to cure the disease, we seek to prevent it?

Macri did not help overcome the crisis in Argentina, he deepened it

In the two and a half years of government, Argentina's public finances have not improved, on the contrary, the current government has worsened them

What does it mean for Colombia to have recognized Palestine as a State?

Colombia could lead, with all of Latin America, peace between Israel and Palestine

Corporate Social Responsibility: A good business strategy

CSR does not go against your corporate interests; on the contrary, your company will be more competitive

Is killing environmentalists a sport in Latin America?

While the war to protect the environment continues, efforts to combat it keeps on taking lives

The white rhinoceros became extinct, so what?

The recent extinction of the last male white rhinoceros has caused turmoil in social medial, but the danger of losing bees has been almost ignored

Climate Change Costs  More Than We Recognize

Climate Change costs more than we recognize

Most estimates ignore the sociopolitical repercussions.

United Nations

What to expect without the military presence of the United Nations?

Haiti is preparing to take the reins

Venezuela: the paradox of the Socialist victory

Venezuela: the paradox of the Socialist victory

Why the victory of the PSUV can be one of the worst scenarios for Maduro’s political party?

DACA: El Salvador fights for its youth

DACA: El Salvador fights for its youth

The Central American country wants to persuade the US legislative branch to promote an efficient exit to the crisis that can bring the end of DACA

Trump strongly embraces Central America

Trump strongly embraces Central America

The United States wishes to involve Mexico in its plan to reform Central America in order to reduce the number of illegal migrants

Canada: sanctions against Venezuela

Canada: sanctions against Venezuela

With the imposition of economic sanctions, the American country seeks to persuade Venezuela of change

Evo Morales and his ongoing reelections

Evo Morales and his ongoing reelections

The Bolivian president created controversy, once again, in his quest of being reelected

Macri: winning over Argentina

Macri: winning over Argentina

The president uses different strategies to increase his margin of victory and concentrates on the regions that may contribute more to his possible reelection

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